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Showing 22–42 of 136 results


FMA Short Vertical Grip M-lok – Dark Earth M- Lok Fitting


A great solution to keeping your sling retained when not in use. The FMA sling retainer hook uses a simple hook and loop system to fasten onto any webbing system

Dummy and Dress up

FMA Dummy Flash bang


FMA Dummy Flashbang 1:1 replica of a flashbang idea for those milsim load outs Contains no pyrotechnics or usability

Airsoft Tool Kits

FMA Multifunctional TOOL NSN


FMA Multifunctional TOOL NSN Multi purpose Stock and delta ring tool


FMA Short Vertical Grip M-lok – FG M- Lok Fitting


FMA Flash Bang Holster – Dark Earth Fits on Molle or belt Quick release product press the button and flashbang or other fitting items will be easily removed for quick deployment Solid design


FMA Short Vertical Grip – Quick Detach DE Fits on 20mm Rail


FMA Airsoft RVG vertical Foregrip 20mm (Olive) Designed for use with 1913 Picatinny railed hand guards aka 20mm weaver rails, the RVG is a basic, light weight, cost-effective vertical fore grip. Shape is ergonomically designed for use as a traditional vertical grip. It has also been optimized for use with the “thumb break method” of [...]

Battery checkers and accessories

FMA 11.1v Lipo to USB charger – Black


FMA 11.1v Lipo to USB charger – Black Charge your Phone or gopro or other USB devise from your deans 11.1v lipo! Works on 11.1v only The adapter may get warm. / hot when charging


FMA Short Vertical Grip – Quick Detach FG Fits on 20mm Rail


FMA FBUS Gen2 Iron sights – Dark Earth 20mm fitting Includes adjustment tool

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA Mesh Maritime Helmet Cover


A tactical maritime helmet cover for fast helmets and high cut helmets with plenty of velcro attachment for accessories and patches


FMA FBUS Gen2 Iron sights – Olive Drab 20mm fitting Includes adjustment tool

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA AirFrame Helmet Velcro Set


Additional or replacement airframe helmet velcro set to attach various accessories to the outside of the helmet

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA AirFrame Style Helmet


An AirFrame style helmet designed as an airsoft helmet with an NVG attachment on the front and arc rails on the side for accessories

Pistol Torches and Illumination

FMA X300 Plastic Shroud


X300 shroud to protect your torch controls and prevent them from accidentally switching on whilst in a holster or attached to your rifle.

Pistol Torches and Illumination

FMA PEQ-10 PRO-laser – Dark Earth


FMA PEQ-10 Compact Airsoft LED Illuminator / Laser Combo – Dark Earth The FMA P10 weapon light/laser is a slim, low profile module that fits on any standard 20mm rail mount. The P10 features a low intensity light, perfect for use as a navigation, or map light, complementing the navigation light is a red laser [...]

Misc items and one off's

FMA Plate carrier hanger


FMA Plate Carrier Hanger Made from strong & sturdy plastic. Designed to take the weight of plate carriers with heavy plates and gear attached.

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA Fast Helmet Bungee Set


FMA spare set of fast helmet bungees for retaining helmet accessories. They hook under the NVG mount on the front of the helmet

Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

FMA Caiman Bump Helmet


the Caiman bump helmet is a great and unique design airsoft helmet by FMA with an NVG mount and arc rails


Manufacturer: FMA Weight: 230g Material: aluminum Basic Specifications Hardware –CREE XPM Base Output – three white Lighting the way – steady, strobe, short flash Lumen – factory test is different from the actual number of lumens is not the same so there is no direct data Operating mode – button & double click Companions tail [...]


Popular Brand For Airsoft Gun Accessories

FMA produce great quality accessories specifically designed for airsoft guns and tactical gear at a low price point whilst maintaning their great quality. They produce anything from 20mm rail mounted accessories to helmet lights & accessories for the airsoft player who is after the ultimate tactical loadout.

FMA produce both angled grips and vertical grips in three different colours and with three mounting options, one for MLOK rail systems, another for Keymod rail systems and the third for standard 20mm rails. There are several different designs and models to shoose from in the FMA catalog of parts.

Some other parts that FMA produce are the rail mounted weapon lights like the Target One WMLX Flashlight which showcase the great quality you get from FMA along all platforms. Most of their flashlights and torches accept CR123a batteries, including the PEQ LA5 torch and laser aiming module which accepts two of these batteries to run.

Suppressors and tracer units are some of the most popular choices when it comes to accessorising your airsoft gun, this is why FMA produce several models with realistic markings ranging from 107mm mock suppressors to 198mm mock suppressor and of course their sleek designed full auto tracer units.

Tactical Gear & Helmet Accessories

FMA produce some of the best helmet gear and accessories on the market with loads of variants available for nearly every item, giving you endless options to choose from.

The helmets they produce are replicas of some of the best used by special forces, military and SWAT across the world, including the Caiman Bump helmet and the very popular Airframe Helmet, both of which are compatible with the FMA Half Seal Helmet mask and other accessories which mount onto the suipplied accessory rails.

Along with pre-weighted helmet counterweight attachments, FMA manufactures many other accessories to improve your airsoft milsim experience like the headset rail adapter sets and versatile helmet covers for the airframe and maritime helmets.

Dummy Night Vision & Authentic Mounting Systems

If you want the full look of special forces or want to look the part at a milsim, then the FMA dummy night vision is a lot more affordable way of going about it. The dummy night vision models are great value and lightweight replicas of the original models. FMA offer various types including the PVS-31, AVS-9, PVS-15 and many more models and add on accessories.

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