FMA Tactical Gear

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Showing 106–126 of 147 results

Airsoft Adapters & Mounts

FMA MP7 Sling Swivel Rear Mount


Airsoft Rail Mounts

FMA Cable Management System


Airsoft Rails & Rail Kits

FMA MP7 Rail System (Type 2)


Airsoft Communication & Radios

FMA FVS Amp V20 PTT Kit (Dark Earth)


Airsoft Communication & Radios

FMA FCS MPU5 Dummy Radio Case


Airsoft Communication & Radios

FMA FCS AMP Tactical Headset


Airsoft Adapters & Mounts

FMA MP7 Silencer Adaptor 14mm CCW

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Airsoft Protectors/Kill Flashes

FMA Lens Protector with 2 lens – Tan

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Airsoft Silencers & Suppressors

FMA +-14mm 107mm silencer – VLTOR


FMA Airsoft Equipment & Accessories

FMA produce great quality accessories specifically designed for airsoft guns and tactical gear at a low price point whilst maintaining their great quality. They produce anything from 20mm rail mounted accessories to helmet lights & accessories for the airsoft player who is after the ultimate tactical loadout.

FMA produce both angled grips and vertical grips in three different colours and with three mounting options, one for MLOK rail systems, another for Keymod rail systems and the third for standard 20mm rails. There are several different designs and models to choose from in the FMA catalogue of parts.

Some other parts that FMA produce are the rail mounted weapon lights like the Target One WMLX Flashlight which showcase the great quality you get from FMA along all platforms. Most of their flashlights and torches accept CR123a batteries, including the PEQ LA5 torch and laser aiming module which accepts two of these batteries to run.

Suppressors and tracer units are some of the most popular choices when it comes to accessorising your airsoft gun, this is why FMA produce several models with realistic markings ranging from 107mm mock suppressors to 198mm mock suppressor and of course, their sleek designed full auto tracer units.

Tactical Gear & Helmet Accessories

FMA produce some of the best helmet gear and accessories on the market with loads of variants available for nearly every item, giving you endless options to choose from.

The helmets they produce are replicas of some of the best used by special forces, military and SWAT across the world, including the Caiman Bump helmet and the very popular Airframe Helmet, both of which are compatible with the FMA Half Seal Helmet mask and other accessories which mount onto the suipplied accessory rails.

Along with pre-weighted helmet counterweight attachments, FMA manufactures many other accessories to improve your airsoft milsim experience like the headset rail adapter sets and versatile helmet covers for the airframe and maritime helmets.

Dummy Night Vision & Authentic Mounting Systems

If you want the full look of special forces or want to look the part at a milsim, then the FMA dummy night vision is a lot more affordable way of going about it.

The dummy night vision models are great value and lightweight replicas of the original models. FMA offer various types including the PVS-31, AVS-9, PVS-15 and many more models and add on accessories.

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