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The Best Gas Blowback Rifles On The Market

GHK Airsoft is a Taiwanese based manufacturer who build high quality airsoft guns and accessories. As a pioneer of AK GBB manufacturer, they specialise in producing high quality GBBRs (Gas Blow Back Rifles). In response to their customers' expectations, they pride themselves on bringing design excellence to the airsoft market.

GHK Airsoft products include a full range of AUGs, M4s and AKs, along with spare magazines and loads of other accessories.

GHK are experts in airsoft production, building rugged and reliable airsoft guns that are easy to maintain and will last for skirmish after skirmish. With the right lubricants and maintenence they are easy to clean and maintain, making them an ideal choice for any environment.

GHK rifles are perfect for the UK as they function perfectly in warm and cold weathers, with various different bolts and recoil springs to help vary the performance and FPS for any situation whether its woodland, CQB or urban to make sure you're within the legal FPS limits.

Due to their great design, all GHK rifles use standard AEG hop rubbers and inner barrels making it easy to find upgrade parts from various manufacturers like Maple Leaf, Prometheus, SHS and more.

Check out our range of GHK airsoft guns.

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