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GHK Airsoft is a Taiwanese-based airsoft manufacturer known for building high-quality gas blowback rifles and replacement parts and accessories that ensure your rifle is up and running at the top of its game

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Showing 1–21 of 119 results

GHK Aug Spare parts

GHK Aug GBB Trigger AUG-20


GHK G5 Spare Parts

GHK G5 Trigger Pins (G5-19)


GHK Aug Spare parts

GHK Aug Sear Lever Aug-22


GHK Aug Spare parts

GHK Aug Hammer sear AUG-27

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Why Choose GHK Airsoft?

GHK Airsoft ate known as the pioneer of AK GBB manufacture, and their GBBRs (gas blowback rifles) are a fantastic example of the top quality they provide. Many airsoft players favour their airsoft products for their excellent design and quality.

GHK Airsoft Rifles

These airsoft experts build reliable airsoft guns that are really easy to maintain and long-lasting. Every airsoft player wants a gun they can count on when they are out on the battlefield, and GHK Airsoft’s products will do exactly that.

GHK rifles will function in warm and cold weather – ideal for the fluctuating temperatures we experience in the UK – so you won’t have to worry about your weapon malfunctioning or underperforming at any time of the year.

All GHK rifles use standard AEG hop-up rubbers and inner barrels, which makes it really convenient and easy to find spares and upgrades.

GHK Airsoft Accessories

Whether you need to replace a worn part of your airsoft rifle or you’re experimenting with some upgrades to increase the performance of your gun, GHK manufactures a range of accessories and spare parts.

Keeping your gun in good condition is one of the keys to winning your airsoft battles, and we provide a ton of GHK gun parts for you to be able to do just that.

From replacement side rails to barrel kits to replacement triggers, you’ll find just about everything you need for your GHK rifle.

Browse our selection of GHK Airsoft products for your GHK rifles and get free shipping on orders over £100!


GHK Airsoft is a Taiwanese-based manufacturer that is widely known for its excellent GBBRs (gas blowback rifles), which are some of the best in the airsoft game.

The GHK AK GBBR is widely considered to be one of the best gas blowback rifles in Airsoft. It’s reliable and easy to maintain and performs well in almost any environment.

Airsoft rifles are ideal for dynamic and fast-paced combat scenarios. With realistic recoil, sound, and weight, they provide an immersive experience.