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Zero in on your enemies with our range of GHT airsoft sights and scopes! Made with quality materials for precision accuracy, GHT offers incredible red dot sights, holo sights, kill flashes and more. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced airsoft warrior, these optics are ideal for every airsoft player.

Showing 1–21 of 37 results

Airsoft Rifle Scopes & Magnifier

GHT 3-9x40B reticle and 25.4mm tube Rifle Scope


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT 553 Holo Sight


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT 552 Holo Sight


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT 551 Holo Sight


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT Mini Red Dot Sight


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT Hurricane Red Dot Scope


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT Micro Dot Reflex Sight


Airsoft Adapters & Mounts

GHT T1 Sight Hydra Mount


Airsoft Adapters & Mounts

GHT Scope Rings 25mm Tube High Mounts


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT Mustang Prism Sight with 20mm High Mount


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT Mustang Prisim Sight with M1 RMR


Airsoft Red Dot & Holo Sights

GHT Long T1 Style Red Dot Sight With Killflash


GHT Airsoft Sights & Scopes

A sight or scope can be really beneficial for achieving more precise target acquisition. GHT offers high-quality metal construction, whether you just want a basic red dot sight or a more advanced sight magnifier.

These sights and scopes can be easily mounted and are compatible with various rail mounts, including 20mm Picatinny rail mounts, allowing you to customise your setup for the best accuracy and performance.

GHT Red Dot Sights & Holo Sights

GHT red dot sights offer quick target acquisition, allowing you to hit your targets with ease

Many of these sights have adjustable brightness settings, so you can change the brightness of the reticle depending on the conditions.

They’re ideal for beginner players who haven’t used a red dot sight before, as they offer a wide field of view and an easy-to-see red or green reticle.

Our range also includes various GHT holographic sight options, which provide a reticle projected into the sight itself, allowing you to aim with greater precision.

We even stock various airsoft sight magnifiers and optics with illuminators for further enhancing your vision of the target.

Airsoft Sights with Kill Flash

As well as quality sights and scopes, GHT manufactures a range of sights with kill flash tech – a mesh cover that fits over the gun’s scope to stop any reflections from bouncing off the scope.

Many of these scopes come fitted with the kill flash cover, so you can get right into the action.

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Should I Get a Sight for My Airsoft Gun?

An airsoft sight provides a clearer and closer view of your target, allowing you to aim more accurately. Some players find a sight helps their shooting, while others prefer to use their gun without. They can be good for beginner players who need some more accuracy when first starting out.

Are Red Dot Sights Good for Airsoft?

Red dot sights are the most popular choice of sights used by airsoft players. They’re good for beginners and experienced players, and are compatible with a wide range of gun types. GHT is a great option for red dot sights, as they offer superior accuracy and durability.

Why is My Airsoft Red Dot Sight Blurry?

If your red dot sight is blurry, chances are it may be caused by astigmatism rather than a faulty sight.

What is a Red Dot Kill Flash?

A kill flash is a mesh cover that sits over the scope of your red dot sight. It’s designed to make the light from your dot less visible, making it harder for other players to see you when airsoft skirmishing. The kill flash also helps reduce glare when shooting in bright conditions.