Mancraft HPA

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Showing 22–23 of 23 results

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HPA - High pressure Air

Mancraft Female QD US / 1/8″

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HPA - High pressure Air

Mancraft Male US To Plug-In 6mm


Mancraft HPA Conversion Kits & Accessories

If you want to improve your gun’s performance, our Mancraft selection is the perfect place to start. Our range includes some of the very best HPA conversion kits and accessories on the market, so you can upgrade your current AEG or spring-powered rifle with ease.

No matter what type of airsoft gun you have, we’ve got the perfect Mancraft HPA accessories to help you get the most out of it. Choose from HPA engines and regulators, as well as drop-in kits for AEG and spring rifles.

Upgrade Your Weapon Using Mancraft’s Powerful HPA Kits

The Mancraft SDIK Sniper HPA conversion kit is the ideal way to add more power to your rifle. This relatively cheap but effective sniper drop-in kit comes with components that allow you to convert your spring-powered rifle into a gas-powered rifle.

We also stock the incredible Mancraft CNC drop stock. A drop stock is a classic upgrade for an HPA or AEG rifle. Enhance the ergonomics of your airsoft replica with this compact and straightforward 1-inch drop stock. Experience improved aim precision, clear-sight pictures, and reduced strain while using an airsoft mask or goggles.

HPA Accessories & Parts

You’ll also find a range of smaller accessories and parts manufactured by Mancraft. We have regulators, plug-ins, seal kits, lubrication, and more essential parts for your HPA build.

Shop Mancraft HPA Kits at Socom Tactical

Our Mancraft selection is made up of complete HPA conversion kits and a range of accessories for you to take your rifle performance to the next level.

Not sure what you need for your build? Our team of experts can help answer any queries you might have, so get in touch today!


HPA conversion kits allow you to convert your AEG or spring-powered airsoft gun into one powered by HPA (high-pressure air). These kits – like the ones in our Mancraft range – transfer the power from your existing gearbox into an HPA-powered system.

This is really down to personal preference. AEGs offer great power and they’re really easy to recharge when they run out of power. Electric airsoft guns are also good for beginner and less-serious players. But if you consider yourself a bit of an airsoft enthusiast, want more accuracy and control over your shots and don’t mind the extra cost of setting up and maintaining an HPA system, then it’s definitely worth it.

Electric and spring-powered airsoft guns can be converted to HPA. Some models might be a bit more tricky and costly to upgrade, but you should be able to find an HPA upgrade kit for most popular models.

HPA offers a higher velocity of your shots, meaning they’re more powerful over a longer range. This is ideal for snipers who need to hit targets from a distance, for example. High-pressure air is also quieter than electric and spring-powered guns, which is great for playing airsoft competitively and having a tactical advantage.