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We have a fantastic selection of Montana Cans spray paint for personalising your airsoft weapon! Customise your gun with classic camo colours, like olive green, khaki and black, to make your gun distinctly yours.

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Top of the Range Airsoft Paint from Montana Cans

Our exclusive range of Montana spray paint cans is perfect for airsoft enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in the game. With a variety of camouflaging colours to choose from, you can customise your weapon to fit right in with the surroundings.

Montana Cans is known for its high quality, making them the top choice among airsoft players looking to add a layer of protection and design to their guns.

Get a Professional Finish with Montana Gold Primer

To get the most out of your airsoft weapon, it should also look the part. Any great paint job begins with a solid primer, and Montana Cans is known for providing the ideal base layer for your gun.

The Montana Primer is available in two varieties. The Montana Cans Metal Primer is perfect for prepping the metal components of your gun, providing a pale red base. The formula is designed to create a smooth foundation on metal surfaces.

The Montana Cans Plastic Primer is semi-transparent and provides the ideal base layer for spray paint on plastic surfaces on your weapon. Both of these primers provide you with a surface that will greatly improve your paint job.

Personalise Your Weapon with Montana Spray Paint

With your surfaces prepped, you can get creative with our range of Montana spray paint. Available in 5 colours, these cans of spray paint can provide you with additional camo or allow you to refresh the aesthetic appearance of your gun.

The Black, Troops Green, and Pan Brown spray paint are all ideal for blending in with natural environments to help you gain a tactical edge over your opponents, which can account for a significant increase in wins. The Hemp Green paint allows you to highlight components of your weapon without standing out too much when you’d rather be incognito.

Shop Our Range of Montana Spray Paint

Personalising your weapon is a great way to make it your own and show off your art skills to other airsoft players. Whether you’re just looking to touch up chips, a classic sign of wear and tear, or you want to graffiti your weapon to make it stand out (or blend in!), we’ve got you covered.

Shop our range of Montana paint for your airsoft gun online today!


Montana spray paints provide high-quality and durable finishes, ideal for both protective and decorative purposes. Their primers offer smooth preparation for metal and plastic surfaces, enhancing the final paint job’s quality and longevity.

Montana spray paint is available in five colours, offering options for different tactical and aesthetic needs. The colours include Black, Troops Green, Pan Brown, Gobi, and Hemp Green.

Yes, we recommend using the spray paint primers before spray painting your gun. These primers are designed to provide a base layer on metal and plastic surfaces, respectively, which enhances the quality of the final paint job and improves the paint’s adhesion to the surface.

Montana Cans spray paint can effectively aid in camouflage during airsoft skirmishes. With a range of colours that mimic natural environments, you can paint your weapon to blend seamlessly with your surroundings. This not only adds an element of realism but also gives you a tactical advantage, making you less noticeable to opponents.