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Night Evolution

Our range of Night Evolution includes essential airsoft lighting accessories to improve your vision in dark environments. From rail switch lights to helmet lights, these illumination devices are built to withstand the toughest conditions while providing a powerful light source. Shop the selection today.

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Pistol Torches and Illumination

Night Evolution Rail Switch Light (White/IR)

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Small But Powerful Night Evolution Helmet, Kit & Gun Torches

We’ve specially selected a range of Night Evolution torches and lights that provide powerful illumination during darker airsoft battles. Whether you’re an avid airsoft night game-goer or a CQB enthusiast, you’ve got to have these accessories in your kit. 

Our selection includes illumination devices for attaching to your tactical clothing, helmet and weapon. They might look small, but they’re incredibly powerful and can give you the edge in any low-light situation.

Helmet & Gun-Mounted Tactical Flashlights for Increased Visibility

If you take part in skirmishes at night, visibility is key. Our range of helmet and gun-mounted flashlights from Night Evolution provides a powerful light source, perfect for illuminating your path or identifying targets in low-light situations.

The Night Evolution SF Helmet Light Set Gen 3 is a popular choice amongst our team and is a must-have if you’re putting together a Special Forces loadout. You can attach these lights directly to your helmet or molle, and they come with a magnetic mount for attaching to magnetic materials. You can benefit from 3 white LEDs for visibility, 2 Blue LEDs, and an infrared LED.

If you prefer to have your light attached to your stock, the Night Evolution Rail Switch Light is an ideal choice. This flashlight offers a low-profile light that attaches directly to your rifle or pistol. With a Picatinny rails mount, you can attach this light to any weapon. You can also switch between the white and IR red lights without taking your hand off your weapon.

Multi-Use Tactical Flashlights for Map Reading & IR Vision

For airsoft players who want something a bit more versatile, the Night Evolution MPLS Flex Light is an ideal option. Made from a strong polymer material, this light provides you with durability and visibility in all conditions. You can attach it to your helmet, weapon, or webbing to suit your needs. Once attached, it can be moved and angled with a flexible stem.

Shop our range of Night Evolution flashlights and keep the airsoft fun going, day and night!


Yes, Night Evolution lights are built to withstand the toughest conditions. They provide a powerful light source suitable for all types of combat and recreational situations.

The Night Evolution SF Helmet Light Set Gen 3 is a lighting solution that can be attached directly to your helmet or molle. It offers 3 lighting modes, including 3 white LEDs for visibility, 2 Blue LEDs to provide clearer vision in dull light, and an infrared LED for use in night vision.

No, the Night Evolution Rail Switch Light can also attach to rifles and any gun with Picatinny mounting capabilities. It offers a low-profile light that can be directly mounted to your weapon. With Picatinny rails mount, this light can be attached to any weapon.

Flashlights can make great additions to your kit both aesthetically and practically. If you play night airsoft games or CQB situations, a flashlight can help you orient yourself in the dark and provide an advantage. Mounted lights, like helmet and gun-mounted torches, are much better than handheld torches, so your hands are free to handle your gun.