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Our exclusive range of Orga replacement parts and upgrades includes inner barrels for various airsoft guns as well as hop-up arms, bushings, and more! Shop our selection below.

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Airsoft Sale and Clearance

Orga Magnus Widebore barrel 6.23 150mm AEG

Original price was: £60.00.Current price is: £40.00.
Original price was: £130.00.Current price is: £93.00.

Airsoft Sale and Clearance

Orga MagnusHD Barrel for PTW 448mm 16 inch

Original price was: £135.00.Current price is: £96.00.

Orga Airsoft Barrels for Upgrading & Repairing Your Gun

We stock a great selection of Orga airsoft barrels and parts for maintaining and levelling up the performance of your weapon.

Inner Barrels Manufactured With Top-Quality Precision

We stock a range of Orga inner barrels that come in various lengths and diameters so that they are compatible with a wide range of airsoft weapons. Some of the guns these barrels will fit include PTW (Professional Training Weapons), Tokyo Marui VSRs and other AEGs – but specific info can be found on product pages.

Choose a barrel length the same as your gun’s standard barrel or go for a different length to change the performance of your gun. Longer barrels will give your shots more velocity, which in turn can help improve your overall accuracy.

Stay Consistent With Orga Internal Parts

While the barrel affects the velocity and, by extension, accuracy of the gun, there are other important internal parts like the Orga Hop-Up Arm.

Replacing the hop-up arm in your gun helps to improve the backspin on your ammo, which increases range and power, giving you an advantage over your opponents.

Replacing the bushings also helps to improve the performance of your gun by reducing friction and stabilising the gears of the gun.

Check out our range of Orga replacement parts and shop online today!


Due to the nature of Orga replacements and spare parts, they are designed to be used with specific types of airsoft guns. They make inner barrels for VSRs, PTWs, AEGs, and more. Make sure you’re buying the right barrel or hop-up arm for your gun.

Replacing a worn hop-up arm helps keep your gun firing as it should. Making sure your bullets are getting the backspin they need to fire with full velocity and power helps keep you on top of your game.

Orga replacement parts are incredibly easy to install. The inner barrel of an airsoft gun is one of the most simple internal parts to replace, and it makes such a difference to the performance of your gun. But if you’re unsure, you’re better off asking a pro for advice. Our expert team is always on hand and happy to help.

There are a few ways replacing the inner barrel can improve the performance of a gun. Altering the diameter of the barrel by a few mm can play a part in reducing barrel friction and improving the trajectory and accuracy of your weapon. A longer barrel can also increase the velocity of your shots, which can help towards bettering your accuracy (as long as the rest of your gun’s components are up to scratch).