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PPS Airsoft

Our range of PPS products includes essential upgrade and replacement parts for a wide range of airsoft weaponry. From stainless steel inner barrels to additional rail sections, we’ve got everything you need to stay on top of your game. Shop the selection below.

Showing all 5 results

PPS Spares, Repairs & Replacement Parts

We stock a wide variety of PPS airsoft parts to help you keep your gun in the best condition for your next skirmish. Whether you need to replace a worn or damaged barrel or want to play around with improving the range of your gun, we’ve got the perfect spares and repairs for the job.

Stainless Steel Inner Airsoft Barrels

Keeping the inner barrel of your weapon in tip-top condition is crucial to ensure accurate and consistent shots. That’s why we offer a brilliant selection of stainless steel inner barrels from PPS, designed to improve your airsoft gun’s performance.

Our selection of inner barrels includes the SHS/PPS 450mm 6.03 Stainless Barrel. This barrel is compatible with a variety of airsoft rifle models, including the M14 and AK47. With its durable stainless steel construction and precisely cut inner diameter, this barrel will give you increased range and accuracy.

We also stock inner barrel lengths of 455mm, 500mm, and 550mm with 6.03mm diameters and made from the same quality stainless steel.

12cm RIS/RAS Rail Sections

Want to add more accessories to your airsoft rifle but don’t have enough space? PPS has got you covered with their additional rail sections. These sections allow you to add more attachments, such as flashlights or laser sights.

We stock the PPS 12cm RIS Rail Section, which is compatible with a variety of airsoft weapons. The high-quality construction and easy installation make it a must-have for anyone looking to upgrade their weapon. Also, the dark earth colour ensures you and your weapon will stay hidden during your skirmish.

Explore our range of PPS parts online at Socom Tactical today.


You’ll need to know the standard inner barrel diameter of your gun (most commonly 6.03mm, but not always) and the length. You should be able to find this information from the stockist you purchased the gun from, the packaging, or simply by using a measuring tape. Or, you can drop us a message if you need any further assistance.

Upgrading your inner barrel with a PPS stainless steel barrel can improve your airsoft gun’s performance, providing increased range and accuracy. This can give you an edge in any airsoft battle.

Airsoft gun inner barrels are fairly easy to change yourself, and there are lots of tutorials online. However, you can drop into our store to ask the question or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help.