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High grade airsoft BBs

 Proball have been manufacturing high grade airsoft BBs for over 10 years! Since being established in 2009, their goal has been simple, provide the highest quality airsoft BB possible at very competetive prices. With a bag of BBs priced from £6, you won't get the amazing quality of Proball from any other brand at the same price.

Biodegradable & Non-Bio options

Each airsoft site and country has their own rules on what BBs you can use on the field, although it's not law in the UK to use Biodegradable airsoft BBs, some airsoft sites may only allow Bio BBs if the site is a nature reserve or that is the land owners preference and some countries like Belgium only allow Bio BBs on every airsoft field making them an important product for every BB manufacturer.

Bio BBs sometimes get criticised for not being made to a high quality like the non-bio BBs, but with Proball, there are no cut corners here. Proball Bio BBs are double polished and are not as susceptible to swelling from moisture as other brands on the market. Although we always recommend to keep any BBs container fully sealed when not in use to prevent dirt and dust.

Both the Biodegradable and Non-Bio BBs come are available in various weights from 0.20g BBs to 0.32g BBs. The 0.23g BBs and 0.25g BBs are ideal for standard airsoft guns which fire at 350FPS or under and the 0.28g BBs, 0.30g BBs & heavier are great for your DMRs and upgraded airsoft guns. Your heavyweight BBs, from 0.36g upwards are great for airsoft sniper rifles.

Bulk boxes and sacks of airsoft BBs

Every weight of Proball BBs are available in bulk boxes of 20 bags which give you a huge saving from the original RRP. Whether you're buying for yourself or your airsoft time wants to split them, there are plenty of options available in terms of weight. Get bulk airsoft BBs from 0.20g up to 0.30g in Biodegradable and Non-Bio versions. 

If you run an airsoft site and just need a big sack of BBs for your rentals, then why not buy a 20KG sack of airsoft BBs and save extra money on packaging by just organising them in the quantity you need.