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Showing all 4 results


AlphaFire Replacement / Spare Receiver module wireless pyro det Remote is required Ideal Replacement if you loose or damage one to save buying a complete kit. >Single cue firing module, can work with 1-12CH Dividual Firing remote & Interval Firing remote. >With Learning Button in the firing module, can change remote / cue or clear [...]


A fun little remote firing system for small airsoft pyrotechnics. Great for setting up explosive traps and ambushes.

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Airsoft Pyro Firing Systems

12-Channel Wireless Firing System


A 12 unit remote detonator system for use with maroon pyrotechnics. Ideal for battle simulations and setting up defensive ambushes.

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WIRELESS FIRING SYSTEM Can control 4 electric firing systems with 1 controller This is a wireless firing system for fireworks and pyrotechnics, ideal for battlefield simulations and firework displays works with maroons The system includes: 4 Receivers. 1 Button transmitter. (takes 1x A23 12v Battery) Any receiver or set of receivers can be programmed to [...]