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Showing 22–22 of 22 results


High Quality Airsoft Upgrade Parts For AEG

SHS are well renowned for producing some of the most popular airsoft replacement and upgrade parts on the market. Their reputation has been built over years and years of experience in manufacturing and developing affordable gearbox upgrade parts with astounding reliability.

SHS primarily manufacture internal parts for AEG gearboxes including high speed, standard & high torque upgraded gear sets, metal tooth polycarbonate pistons, AEG tightbore inner barrels, improved hop up systems and many more amazing products to choose from. Although they make a lot of parts for version 2/3 gearboxes, they also produce great quality parts for some of the more difficult AEGs to get parts for, such as the version 7 gearbox in an M14 or the version 6 gearbox in a P90, dual sector gear parts for V2 & V3 and they even produce PTW replacement parts.

All of the products SHS manufacture are made to a higher quality than the factory original in most cases and allow your gearbox to really unlock its full potential with custom builds. Paired with a Jefftron mosfet, you can rejuvinate your airsoft gun and have it firing smoother than ever with a high speed build, DMR/semi only build or just rebuild the whole gearbox with stronger, CNC aluminium upgrade parts.

External Body Parts & Accessories

SHS have recently started producing some great external parts for airsoft guns which make a great addition to any build. They make loads of external parts to improve the look and feel of your rifle from airsoft gun stocks & sound amplifiers to smaller body parts like replacement M4 selector switchesreplacement charging handle springs and many more useful items you can just never find anywhere.

So if you’re looking for a large selection of upgrade parts and you don’t want to splash out on Prometheus, then look no further than SHS. See below for our full range of products.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not a problem, get in touch with us and we’ll see if we can order it in for you.