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Showing 22–30 of 30 results

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S&T Springfield M1903A3 / Kar98k 25 round magazine Spare stick magazine for the S&T Springfield 1903 bolt action sniper rifle.

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Airsoft WW2 & Period Guns

S&T Kar98k Bolt Action Rifle (Spring)


The historically famous Kar98k by S&T features and adjustable hop-up, real wood stock and metal upper receiver

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A full metal single-shot airsoft shotgun that's spring powered and fed by a removable magazine.

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Airsoft Support Weapons

S&T M1918 BAR Real wood WW2 AEG


S&T M1918 BAR Real wood WW2 AEG   Replica of the Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) as used in WW1,WW2, Korean War and the Vietnam War by US and local soldiers. This heavy rifle made completely of metal and features a dark wood furniture kit. It weighs just over 5KG (without bipod) and measures in at [...]

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S&T M1887 Lever action shotgun STGS07L – Full stock This classic lever-action shotgun has been replicated beautifully by S&T to capture a realistic action as well as a very skirmishable shotgun. The Winchester Model 1887 has been popularised by the Modern Warfare franchise and Red Dead Redemption video games series. This shell ejecting shotgun comes [...]

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S&T BAR M1918 160 round high capacity magazine Spare high capacity magazine for AY/S&T Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR). Holds 200 rounds

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A spring-assisted spare magazine for the S&T M870 spring shotgun. Holds 22 BBs

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S&T 55 round Sten/MP40/M12 low cap magazine (Metal) Spare magazine for MP40, Sten and M12 AEGs. These will fit most brands except SRC. Holds the standard 55 rounds

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S&T M1887 Shotgun shell – 5 Pack Pack of five shells for the S&T M1887 shell ejecting shotgun. These are the same shells which are included in the box, but the colour may vary from what is pictured depending on batch number.  

S&T Armament A.K.A. Smart Team was founded in 2009, a world-wide leading Airgun/Airsoft manufacture, composed of a group airsoft enthusiasts. Their high quality and attention to detail make them a perfect choice for anyone who wants realistic

Period RIFs

S&T do a large amount of RIFs from different time periods, from the Lee Enfield to the MK46 they cover a lot.

Some of their best pieces include the PPSH, Type 97, BAR and the Springfield.

Semi-hard cases

S&T also do a wide range of Semi-hard cases, which start at pistol size and go to a large rifle case, these are a perfect blend of soft case and hard case.

The Main Cooperative Partner is UFC CO., LTD. which in a very strong position to airsoft field and was one of the main international power nowadays.