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Upgrade your tactics with our range of TAG Innovations products. Whether you’re looking to add throwables to your loadouts or want to embrace the element of surprise to gain the upper hand, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find smoke screens, projectiles, grenades, and more.

Showing all 10 results

One-of-a-Kind Projectile Simulation from TAG Innovations

Whether you’re new to the sport and exploring all your ammo options, or you’re a seasoned player who wants to expand your tried and tested kit to gain an advantage, our range of TAG Innovations products is ideal.

Getting the right kit for your style of play and the terrain is key to securing wins and evading your enemy. TAG Innovation products are designed to give you a tactical edge when you’re out there on the battlefield. Bring some extra excitement to your skirmish or MilSim and get your head in the game.

Blast Your Way to Victory With TAG Innovations Grenades

We all want to make an impression on the battlefield, and there’s no better way to do that than with grenades and projectiles.

TAG Innovations’ range of projectiles is designed to fit 40mm grenade launchers and explode on impact. The grenades are throwables that can be used to confuse or disorientate your opponent. The AFG-6 Pea Grenades have a two-step ignition system just like a real hand grenade to make it even more real.

Increase Your Stealth With TAG Innovation Smoke Screens

No serious airsoft loadout is complete without a smoke screen! TAG Innovations offers throwable and projectile versions of their smokescreen to fit any style of play.

The Velum MK2 Smoke Screen Projectile, compatible with a 40mm grenade launcher, is perfect for confusing your opponents from a distance to give you a chance to close in undetected. On the other hand, the TAG-18 Smoke Grenade (6-pack) is ideal for covering you while you relocate near an enemy.

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Smoke screen projectiles are often used to hide from or confuse the enemy. A flashbang grenade is designed to temporarily disorientate or distract your opponent. Powder projectiles are less common in airsoft than paintball, but the colour powder can be useful to pinpoint who has been hit, which can count as a hit.

TAG Innovations grenades are perfectly safe to use during an airsoft game and during training – that’s what they’ve been made for! But you’ll need to check your airsoft site’s regulations on grenades before using them during a game.

Projectiles and grenades such as the ones made by TAG Innovations are usually recommended for players with a higher skill level. This is because using them requires a certain level of knowledge and skill. While it’s possible for a beginner to incorporate TAG Innovations products into their loadout, it can be overwhelming to use them in the moment, which can lead to injuries. They’re pyrotechnics, after all!