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Showing all 3 results

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Airsoft Pyrotechnics

TLSFx MK5 Thunderflash Grenade


A MK5 thunderflash grenade for airsoft and simulation use with a strike cap on the end

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Airsoft Pyro Firing Systems

TLSFx MK3 maroon


TLSFx MK3 maroon MK3 maroon pyro for remote detonation system

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TLSFx Thermobaric Single Bang friction grenade Ideal for use in night or indoor games the Thermobaric Grenade produces a dazzlingly bright flash but with very little noise, this can distract other players to enable you to change positions or just get the drop on your opponents. To use it is easy as can be. A [...]


High Quality, British Made Airsoft & Paintball Pyrotechnics

TLSFX is a UK based company which produces some of the leading airsoft pyrotechnics in the industry. All of their products are manufactured in the UK and include thunderflashes, smoke grenades, remote detonator pyro, mortar rounds, multibangs and much more.

Biodegradable Materials & Professional Manufacturing

TLSFX manufacture good quality and reliable pyrotechnics made from biodegradable materials making the leftover tubes and fragments non-hazardous to the environment. All TLSFx products are made to order with careful manufacturing processes producing consistent and reliable results.

Please contact us for information on bulk for pyrotechnics.

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