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Improve your AAP-01 pistol or VSR rifle with our TTI spare parts. We supply a fantastic range of parts, including stock adapters, spring guides, piston components and more. Find what you’re looking for today!

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GBB and sniper barrels

TTI 6.03mm GBB / Sniper Barrels


Sniper upgrades

TTI VSR 7mm Spring Guide

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Whether you’re new to airsoft and want to learn how to upgrade your gun, or you’re a passive hobbyist who’s starting to get serious about their gameplay, we’ve got you covered with our range of TTI parts and accessories.

VSR & AAP-01 Spares & Repairs

Getting the right attachments, adapters, or upgrades for your gun is crucial to dominate your skirmishes. These TTI parts will work their magic in transforming your VSR or AAP-01 guns into the ultimate airsoft arsenal, unleashing the marksman within you.

We stock spring guides for the VSR in 9mm and 7mm to replace your rifle’s existing internals. This part is incredibly easy to replace, which makes it the perfect upgrade for a beginner to install to help improve the performance of the gun.

TTI Airsoft Upgrades

Making your gun your own is one of the best things about airsoft, so it makes sense to want to customise your weapon any way you can. With the TTI range at Socom, you can do just that.

The TTI AAP-01 Mini Mamba Upper Receiver Kit is the perfect way to upgrade your gun while making room for attachments and accessories to improve your game. This kit also allows you to access the hop through the TDC adjuster, so it’s a win-win!

The TTI AAP-01 Quick Selector Switch Charging Handle is ideal for you sharp shooters who want to improve your rate of fire during a skirmish. This part also allows you to add in a short-stroke buffer piece and have a snazzy charging handle on your gun.

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TTI spring guides are super easy to install. Note that you need to have a basic understanding of the anatomy of the VSR to install it properly. A spring guide helps make sure the recoil spring stays as straight and uniform as possible when it folds. This gives it more power when it’s released and protects it from damage.

The TTI products in our range are compatible with the VSR and AAP-01 guns. These products are unlikely to be compatible with any other type of airsoft gun. If you’re looking to upgrade a different model or type of gun, check out our range of airsoft upgrade parts to find what you need.

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in our TTI stock, please get in touch by email or over the phone with details the specific part you want. We will do our best to source it from our suppliers for you.