Valken Airsoft

Showing 22–42 of 61 results

Showing 22–42 of 61 results

Heavy Weight Airsoft BBs

Valken INFINITY 0.32g BBs 1KG


Heavy Weight Airsoft BBs

Valken Accelerate 0.32g BB (2500)


Heavy Weight Airsoft BBs

Valken Accelerate 0.28g BB (2500)


Airsoft Masks & Goggles

Valken Tango Thermal Airsoft Goggles


Airsoft Holsters

Valken AVP17 Holster


Heavy Weight Airsoft BBs

Valken Infinity 0.30g BBs (3300)


Rucksacks, Shoulder Bags & Assault Packs

Valken Tactical 42″ Single Gun Soft Case

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Why Choose Valken Airsoft?

From airsoft BBs, green gas and airsoft batteries to airsoft guns and airsoft pistols, plus airsoft eye protection, mesh masks and plate carriers, Valken has all the airsoft gear to equip you for victory!

After branching out from paintball to airsoft, Valken paintball has produced some great products for the Airsoft market.

When you are looking for an outstanding starter airsoft gun that is dependable and offers excellent value, the Valken ASL series of M4 AEGs simply can’t be beaten.

This is why we developed a special Valken ASL Starter Bundle Deal to make sure you get the most out of your purchase!

HPA Systems

As a premier paintball brand, Valken is considered one of the leading providers of airsoft High-Pressure Air (HPA) systems.

Their selection includes regulators, air tanks in multiple sizes and shapes, as well as all necessary air lines & hoses to get your equipment running.

Valken Eye Protection & Maskes

Those looking to purchase reliable eye protection and masks need to look no further than Valken!

Most of their models boast either a single or dual pane thermal lens that is designed specifically to prevent fogging, much like the holy grail of mask systems – Dye.

Struggling to locate what you need?

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