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Airsoft Plate Carrier Or Chest Rig, What’s Best For You?

If you have an upcoming airsoft game, the chances are that you will want either a way to carry your ammo, some protection from ballistic fire, or both. Of course, that is where the classic question comes in- should I invest my hard-earned money in a plate carrier or a chest rig? A question that we will help you answer below. 

Plate carriers 

What differentiates a plait carrier from a chest rig is its ability to carry plates for ballistic protection. You can think of a plate carrier as a form of body armour, rather than just a carrying device. 


What this means is that the main advantage of choosing a plate carrier is that it can help to protect you from BB impact during close-quarters combat. 

However, there are several additional advantages to choosing the plate carrier option over the chest rig. The first of these is that they look the part. The reason for this is that plate carriers have plenty of customisation thanks to the abundance of PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing space to play with, and the higher end visions even come with things like hydrating routing included. Additionally, those of us that like to play airsoft in colder weather appreciate the additional insulation that the plate carrier provides. 


Of course, there is some less beneficial side to using a plate carrier that it’s essential to consider too. In particular, a plate carrier can be a lot heavier, especially if you choose real plates rather than rubber ones, which means you will reach exhaustion faster, and won’t move at your top speed. 

Additionally, plate carriers can contribute to overheating in warmer environments. They are also far more cumbersome that chest rig, and can get in the way of any only LBEs you want to add. 

Chest Rig 


One the other hand, chest rigs are designed only to carry and do not offer any protection at all. It is because of this; they tend to be much lighter than a plate carrier, and so are favoured for airsoft players looking for speed and agility. 

Additionally, many Airsofters love chest rigs because they are cheaper than plate carriers and fit more comfortably to the body. They also tend to be easier to put on and take off, and you can add additional storage with an assault pack. 


That is not to say that a chest rig is a perfect option for everyone. After all, the reduction in protection that chest rigs offer leads many people to choose a plate carrier, instead. Additionally, chest rigs don’t quite look as ‘cool’ as a Plate Carrier, and you can’t customise them in the same way as a plate carrier. Something that for many players make a big difference to their experience. 

Final thoughts 

Essentially if you are looking for maximum speed and manoeuvrability, however, you are happy with a fixed platform, then a chest rig is your best option. 

However, if protection, customisation and “the Look” are factors you are taking into consideration then, a plate carrier should suit you well. 

Don’t forget either that when in doubt you can get some advice from your friendly local (or online) Airsoft shop. After all, as a specialist, an airsoft retailer, will be in the position to advise you on the best choice for your equipment carrying needs. 

The best in Assault Vests and Pouches

It can be a hassle to carry all the equipment you need around with you during battle.

With the right assault vest and pouches, you can carry all the guns, magazines and conversion kits you need for a skirmish on your person with ease and in comfort.

Assault vests

5.11 TACTEC Chest Rig (Black)

This is one of the cheaper assault vests available but it still has a lot to offer.

This assault vest keeps your items close to you thanks to a number of compartments found all around the rig.

The vest is lightweight and doesn’t cover your whole upper body so it will not weigh you down, giving you the ease of movement on the battlefield.

There are six compartments in the front for you to store things so that they are easy to reach. There are compartments to the side which are useful for storing accessories.

There is a pocket at the rear designed for your Airsoft admin such as cards and documents.

Everything you store in these compartments will be protected against all types of weather you encounter to ensure that your items and documents remain dry.

5.11 TACTEC Plate Carrier (Black)

This assault vest covers your whole upper body to offer protection from incoming fire or the force of your weapon (if you fall over and land on your weapon) and it doesn’t get damaged by the weather.

Despite its look and the protection it offers, it is a surprisingly light vest allowing you free range of movement rather than weighing you down.

The skeletonised waistband and yoke shoulder pads distribute the weight evenly and the adjustable waistband allows you to make it as loose or tight as you need it to be to make you feel comfortable.

It also has a one-hand quick release system so that you can shed it quickly if you need to.

Emerson Gear NCPC Navy Cage plate carrier Black

This offers protection, quick release and adjustability to match the TACTEC plate carrier but there are a few extra features which make it stand out.

The vest has integrated pouches to allow you to carry three 5.56 .223 magazines as well as an admin pouch to carry documents, cards and other miscellaneous items with you.

Shoulder pads and interior pads are removable so you can customise the vest to suit your needs.


Viper Quad Magazine Pouches – Black

This pouch is cheap yet it provides space enough for 4 M4 sized magazines and can be attached to tactical vests and rigs.

This is lightweight and easy to attach, giving you a chance to carry plenty of ammo to last you through a day of battling.

Tasmanian Tiger dump pouch- Multicam

This camouflage option goes well with other camouflage equipment to make you harder to spot among the terrain.

It’s all well and good to have storage space and pouches for your equipment but a dump pouch gives you the option to discard your used items.

If you have an empty magazine, you want it to be out of your way as soon as possible and don’t want to be reaching for it again if you try to pull out a fresh one.

The pouch is capable of storing 4 G 36 double magazines.

This can help to stop waste on the ground but from a tactical point of view, it prevents you from dropping these items which might give your opponent clues to your location.


This pouch can be integrated with other 5.11 products such as bags, packs and duffels to provide you with a bag with plenty of storage space for your Airsoft items at a height of 10” and a width of 3 ½ “.

The durable Nylon makes it sturdy but also weatherproof keeping the pouch and the equipment inside protected at all times.

The moulded grip pull is a nice feature which makes the pouch easy to grasp while you are wearing gloves. The pouch may be protected from bad weather but your hands, outside of gloves, aren’t.

Best Value Airsoft Bundle Deals

An overview of our best bundles, and why you need them.

Airsoft JG G3 Bundle

Price: £245.00

Overall value: 307.00

This bundle includes an assault rifle and some extra equipment to complement it.

Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good chance to gain extra items and accessories for this pistol in one place.

1x JG G3 RIS (Black or Olive)

This replica is a rifle that looks and feels like the real thing with the weight close to 3kgs while its long length makes it an imposing rifle on the battlefield.

The long barrel length gives you a greater range of shot at a fast rate of 345-375FPS.

2x Oper8 8.4v 1600 crane battery

2 sets of batteries for use on crane stock and handguards to provide your gun with energy to run throughout a skirmish.

2x High cap magazines

2 sets of high capacity magazines holding 500 rounds each to give you a good supply of ammo storage options to carry on you during the battle.

1x Oper8 NiMh smart charger

This is a simple to use charger for your rifle’s batteries with LED lighting to let you know that the battery is being charged and it lets you know when it is fully charged.

1x 0.25g Proball BBs (3000)

A pack of 3000 BBs from a highly reputable brand, this provides you with plenty of ammo to go along with your pistol and the magazines which carry it.

1x MP5/G3 claw scope mount

This mount can be attached to the pistol’s receiver.

The mount adds a top rail to your pistol which gives you the option to add accessories such as lasers and flashlights, sights and scopes to enhance performance.

Airsoft Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 bundle

Price: £208.00

Overall value: £240.00

This is a good bundle to choose if you are after a pistol with a lot of great features and some helpful equipment and accessories to go with it.

Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good chance to gain extra items and accessories for this rifle in one place.

Bundle includes:

1x Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 (Black)


This pistol already comes with a fine set of features before you get to the rest of the bundle.

Picking out people as targets and hitting them accurately from a long distance is made easier with this pistol.

It has an adjustable hop-up and a front and rear sight to improve range and accuracy.

This is topped off with a rail which allows for the attachment of accessories such as flashlights or lasers.



2x Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 magazine

2 sets of magazines with a capacity of 31 rounds each gives you a healthy supply of ammo storage to start with for your pistol.

1x Cytac 2011 Hi Capa R-Defender holster

A stylish holster to carry your pistol in with a quick-release button so that you can draw it out quickly when you need to.

1x Cytac double magazine holster

A small attachment to your attire for you to carry your 2 sets of magazines in when you purchase this bundle.

Airsoft Tasmanian Tiger Plate Carrier Pack Bundle

Price: £205.00

Overall value: £251.00

For all your Airsoft equipment, you’ll need something to carry it all in which is where this carrier pack bundle comes in.

Some of the equipment that comes in this pack is not available to buy individually from us so this is a good chance to gain more carriers in one place.

Bundle includes:

1x Tasmanian Tiger LC plate carrier

The Tasmanian Tiger LC plate carrier is a lightweight panel with a smooth design.

The carrier can be altered in a number of ways to make it comfortable for you to wear and hold your equipment in.

The length of the shoulder straps and the elastic side attachment are adjustable while the front and side areas can be extended individually.

1x Tasmanian Tiger double M4 magazine pouch & 1x Tasmanian Tiger double pistol magazine pouch

As indicated by the name, these pouches each have two compartments in them to carry your M4 or pistol magazines in, providing you with plenty of room to store spare magazines for your battle.

1x Tasmanian Tiger dump pouch

This dump pouch can be fastened to your vest, allowing you to store used magazines and other utensils.

To give you an idea of the size, it is capable of storing 4 G 36 double magazines.

This can help to stop waste on the ground but from a tactical point of view, it prevents you dropping these items which might give your opponent clues to your location.

1x Tasmanian Tiger admin pouch

This comes with a number of pockets of different shapes and sizes to hold cards, documents and torches among other things.

How to Maintain Tactical Gear & Clothing for Military Airsoft

It is important to provide maintenance for your tactical gear and clothing in Airsoft to ensure you get the most out of them.


With gear ranging from clothing to backpacks to slings, incorrect maintenance may mean you pay a heavy price to continue replacing your old, worn-out equipment.

With Airsoft being an outdoor activity, your gear and clothing may be exposed to all kind of elements from rain and snow to mud, dust and sand. Not cleaning your equipment following this can damage the material and start to create rips.

This kind of damage is also caused by salt which might not be apparent as part of the terrain but comes out in your sweat.

If this is untreated, your equipment will be damaged and it will begin to smell.

There are steps you can take to make the equipment last for a long time to fend off the effects of wear-and-tear for as long as possible.

Maintaining equipment


For Airsoft guns, you should simply use a damp cloth to clean the exterior while you can buy cleaning rods to clean the barrel of the gun.

A build-up of dirt in the barrel of guns can affect accuracy.

Keeping your boots intact is important for your comfort and safety of movement as well as preventing a smell.

If your boots are wet, muddy or both, the soles should be taken out and left to dry. Muddy boots should be cleaned with water after the physical chunks of dirt are brushed off. Similar a soft brush should be used to clean dirt off of any piece of clothing or tactical gear you have.

Failure to maintain boots will wear them out quickly, causing holes to appear. If you realise this too late, you may go through an Airsoft session where water and mud are seeping through your boots into your socks.

It might be common sense to clean dirt off your protective goggles in order for you to see but if these aren’t cleaned in the right way, scratches may be left on them and the material creating the added protection may be damaged.


Loose dirt on goggles can be blown off rather than wiped or scrubbed off as this can ingrain the dirt and cause scratches to the goggles. This leaves the rest of the dirt to be cleaned simply by using water and your fingers to scrub off the remaining dirt.

Any use of cleaning liquids poses a risk of damaging the special protective material that makes up the goggles.

Frames should be cleaned with a small brush (avoiding the lenses) and lenses should be dried with a microfiber cloth to prevent any scratches appearing on the goggles.

You should clean Velcro pads to ensure it maintains its strong sticking ability whether it is keeping things concealed in a bag or keeping accessories attached to you.

To deal with loose threads, you should burn them rather than pull at them or try to cut them off as burning it will help to prevent the thread loosening further.


Airsoft clothing, like all clothing, goes in the washing machine to get the full cleaning effect. You should wash them at 30°C to avoid the patterns and colours fading quickly.

With camouflage being a key component of staying hidden amongst the terrain, it is important to maintain the patterns as long as possible.

Tactical gear such as slings, backpacks and belts can’t be washed in a washing machine, this will have to be done the old fashioned way with a pool of soapy water in a bath or bucket, washing off the soap with clean water and leaving it to dry in the sun.


You should ensure all your items are cleaned, washed and dried before you store them away. They should be hung up or stored upright in a way that it won’t fall over.

Following these steps can ensure your gear and clothing maintains its structure and its functionality for a long time providing you with long-lasting fresh and clean gear and clothing that won’t need constant replacing.