COMING SOON! Homing Proballs From Proball! PREORDER NOW!

COMING SOON! Homing Proballs From Proball! PREORDER NOW!

As a leading producer of BBs, ProBall are proud to introduce an all-new BB. Introducing the Homing Proball from Proball! Preorder now!


Preorder Now

Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, ProBall has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically-predictable element.

Over the past five years, every Airsoft skirmish from every site across the planet has been analysed, detailing positions, tactics, types of airsoft gun and 440 other statistical values. Uploaded to the cloud, ProBall has now harnessed this big data to produce a truly unique BB.

Every Homing ProBall from ProBall is preloaded with terabytes of combat data in order optimise a gunner’s shot. When fired, Homing Proballs from ProBall identify the target and deploy Point Adjust Thrusters to adjust course and land a hit. When the targets are acquired, the Homing ProBall from ProBall updates in real time to predict enemy response and counterattack.

By using Homing ProBalls from Proball, your firing efficiency will rise by no less than 120%. The difference of a 63% increased headshot proficiency makes the wielder of an airsoft gun loaded with Homing ProBalls from ProBall an adversary not to be taken lightly.

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