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There is a lot to consider when calculating the cost of Airsoft.

The question of how much you need to spend depends on how often you take part, what equipment you feel you need and if you have a desire to customise your weapons to improve performance.

Getting kitted up

A good pistol can cost anywhere from £50-£250 so it is up to you to decide if the features boasted by each pistol you look at is worth the money for what you want out of the game.

The pistol is the standard weapon for shooting at a target but there are a number of weapons from rifles to submachine guns which can either be used to give you more firepower or help you in a specific tactical role.

This is where the price can shoot up to over £500. From there, guns can be customised and accessorised further to improve performance increasing the cost further.

It is important to note that there is no need for you to buy multiple weapons or to customise them in order to take part although those who do may gain an advantage.

There is no set attire for Airsoft but camouflage and weather-resistant gear can be bought from Airsoft shops to help you blend in to and tackle the terrain.

You are free to wear your own clothing and boots but it is advised that these should be weather resistant.

The one thing that is a MUST for your attire is face protection. Tightly secured goggles or glasses are needed to protect your eyes from flying BB pellets.

If you do buy your own equipment, there will be a further cost of buying gun bags and/or rucksacks to store and transport your equipment to and from the skirmish site.

Alternatively, you can rent replica guns, equipment and attire from the runners of the skirmish site so that you do not have to worry about owning, maintaining and transporting the equipment.

Guns can usually be rented for between £20-£30 while equipment such as eye protection will probably cost another £20.

This might be the best option if you only plan to partake in Airsoft every once in a while but if you want to become a regular, having your own gear which you can customise may be the best way forward.

Airsoft Fails


4000 0.2g BBs should be enough to see you through a day of Airsoft for a single gun, costing you somewhere in the region of £6-£12. This type of BB is the standard for most pistols and rifles.

However, weapons such as sniper rifles require heavyweight BBs in order to match the sniper’s range and accuracy which will cost £10+.

You will have to consider the number of weapons you bring and the type and amount of BBs needed for each to determine the overall cost.

Admission to day game

The good news is that registration with the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA) is free; you are required to play three games on a UKARA registered game site over a two month period to complete the registration.

Admission to a skirmish site usually ranges between £20-£30 which is a fair price whether you want to go every now and again or every available weekend.

Overall, the cost of Airsoft varies widely on how often you take part and how much you invest in your guns and equipment.

The basics needed for a day game work out favourably, particularly if you are just renting equipment so you can enjoy the game as it is but you might find yourself going further down the rabbit hole once you get a taste of it.

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