Cutting ORGAS magnus barrels

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Orga airsoft barrel

website   ORGA precision Barrels have been machine sawdered with an indentation congruent with the HOP window to create space for the tension when the HOP rubber is pressed against it. ※The HD Barrel for AEG does the same processing, too Cutting ORGAS magnus barrels Cutting ORGAS magnus barrels This enables the HOP Packing entry to be undisturbed when the BB enters the barrel. And most importantly greatly decreases the loss of air compression. Cutting ORGAS magnus barrels On the other two sides of the barrel there are machine vertical grooves coupled with the single indentation, which allows the traditional HOP protrusion to be stored. This enables us to apply the HOP Packing in a 90 degree angle. In comparison to a standard HOP, which is circular, the ORGA Mentality has created a FLAT HOP scenario increasing the amount of contact the BB has with the HOP BUCKING creating a more stable and accurate shot. Cutting ORGAS magnus barrels Cutting ORGAS magnus barrels Of course, the option of still using the traditional HOP-UP protrusion is applicable.

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