Different Airsoft Roles

Airsoft is about teamwork and strategy. The best way to win is to have a well-rounded airsoft team that covers all the bases.
But what are different airsoft roles? Which one is best for you? Socom Tactical has you covered! In our latest blog, we break down the key roles commonly found in crack airsoft teams.

Squad Leader

Every team needs a leader. A team cannot be effective without one distinguished person who the team follows and trusts. The squad leader has the best ability to strategise, coordinate and see the big picture. The squad leader’s job is to make plans, give orders, see the team is working effectively and know what’s happening.


Every great leader puts his team first. He is the first one in and the last one out. The leader of the team will need to be smart, physically fit, trusted by his team, and have good judgement.

Squad Combo: Squad Lead + Scout/Sniper

Informed by intel from their scout, the Squad Leader lays out the battle plan to the team.

Recommended Weapon

Specna Arms SA-V02 V2 M4 carbine



A scout/sniper is crucial if you want an effective team. The sniper’s job is to scout ahead and remain unseen, gathering information about the enemy and feeding back to the squad leader. A scout needs a good memory and the ability to communicate quickly and clearly. When sniping, they need to station themselves in a vantage point to cover the team from a distance.


The scout/sniper will need to be one with high fitness, and stealth. They also need to be a damn good shot.

Squad Combo: Scout/Sniper + Support Gunner

Displacement fire from the support gunner’s ample ammo supply makes the enemy leave cover, making sniper shots much easier.

Recommended Weapon

ASG McMillan M40A3 Sportline spring sniper rifle


Support Gunner

Everyone feels safer with a bit of support. A support gunner can carry extra ammo and lay down heavy fire on a target. The support gunner’s job is to provide assistance where it is needed on the battlefield. This could range from defending a bunker one moment, to covering the team as it progresses to a target zone the next. Speed and flexibility are a support gunner’s greatest allies.


The support gunner will need to be in very good shape. Lugging around an M-60 and extra ammo all day can get tiring.

Squad Combo: Support Gunner + Rifleman

Laying down covering fire allows Riflemen to storm a defended position and engage in CQB.

Recommended Weapon

A&K M249 MK1 support weapon AEG



Combat medic scenarios vary from mission to mission, but fundamentally, they keep the team on its feet. In addition to be a reliable rifleman, a medic is responsible to moving quickly between cover, aiding their teammates. Even if you are not playing medic, they are still the one who makes sure everyone stays hydrated and doesn’t overheat. Failure to stay hydrated in an airsoft game can lead to losses due to dehydration and generally an uncomfortable and miserable time.


When deployed as a full medic, your medic needs to be fast, stealthy and attentive. A shot medic can’t help anyone, so battlefield awareness and speed are essential.

Squad Combo: Medic + Support Gunner

When a Support Gunner is busy laying down fire, a medic can take ammo to the rest of the team in their place. Also, if the medic needs to move, the Support Gunner can lay down covering fire.

Recommended Weapon

Ares Amoeba AM-015 CQB Soundhog (Black)



If the Support Gunner is your shield, the rifleman is your team’s sword. They’re the ones who concentrate on the objective and be the bodies getting the job done. They know how to double-stack a door, clear a room, and perform the tactical manoeuvres necessary for victory.


The rifleman should be someone who can see things carried out to the letter. They will also need to be able to move fast and be ready for CQC when the time comes.

Squad Combo: Rifleman + Squad Leader

Lead by the Squad Leader, the Rifleman locates the objective and cover each other as they advance up the battlefield.

Recommended Weapon

Specna Arms SA-G01 M4 Carbine with m203


Whatever your preferred airsoft role, you’ll find all the gear you need for your perfect loadout. Check out our online store for the best deals on the latest airsoft arms and accessories.

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