Enola Gaye Airsoft Pyrotechnics Overview

Today we are bringing you a comparison video of the Enola Gaye Airsoft Pyro / Pyrotechnics. These are all great pyros that any player can use but there are some differences. Lets examine how to use these pyros and the best uses for each. The mark 5 has a great bang and its small size make it easy to carry and conceal. This is the perfect pyro if you are planning on using lots of these devices. It is also very easy to rig up as an early warning/trip wire system if that is allowed where you Airsoft. Pros
  • Small
  • Loud
  • Versatile
The BB Frag Grenade takes a different approach. This grenade is full of plastic BBs which makes it heavier and gives it a more realistic action when compared to an actual grenade. Like the mark 5, this pyro has a great bang but where it really differs is those plastic BBs. When this pyro goes off, the BBs create a storm of simulated death. The BB Frag Grenade is also heavier and easier to throw so you can lob it further with better accuracy. The one drawback comes from its size and weight. If you are planning to use a large number of pyros it may be difficult to carry lots of these. This grenade may be best suited for use in structures as the bang combined with the flying BBs will create the maximum amount of chaos. Pros
  • Easy To Throw
  • Full Of BBs
  • Loud
The Flash Grenade is an interesting twist on traditional pyros. While most go for the biggest possible bang, this pyro is a bit quieter. Instead of maximum volume, this pyro gives of a massive blindingly bright flash. That makes it great for low and no light situations. A single bright flash is a great way to temporarily ruin the enemies night vision, draw their attention and make one hell of an entrance. If you are planning on playing at night, dusk or dawn, you should carry at least one of these Flash Grenades. Pros
  • Great At Night
  • Excellent For Room Clearing
  • A Low Light Must
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