Eye Protection Shooting Test

We decided to put our Airsoft eye protection to the test by firing from 1/2 a foot away with a 450 FPS gun. We tested the Viper UV2000‘s, TMC mesh goggles, —- and the ASG free glasses (given with some budget guns)

This is just a video test to test the quality from direct impact, if you have any doubts please view the manual for guidelines on use.


YouTube video

About Laurence Kay

Laurence is a keen airsoft player and has been the owner of SoCom Tactical for over 10 years. He’s played airsoft all over the country solo and as part of teams and is an expert on all things airsoft, like tactics, airsoft guns and gameplay equipment. As one of the UK’s leading airsoft suppliers and retailers, Laurence is the go-to source for airsoft knowledge.