Five Questions To Ask Before Buying Abbey Gas

Using an overly powerful propellant gas can easily damage your gun, particularly in hot weather. In addition, doing so may even invalidate your warranty.

Read our tips below to help you choose right right gas for your needs. or click here to view the full range.

Light Plastic Guns

Use Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a at all times. The blend within this gas is especially formulated to give the same pressure performance as the original gun manufacturers recommended 134a gas. 134a gas is now banned for use in airsoft under the Kyoto Protocol. Our UPL lubricant is designed to lubricate gases and to stay fully mixed to give greater fire power and no jamming.

Indoor Skirmishing

Many indoor Skirmishing events have limits on muzzle velocity for safety reasons. You need to check your own weapon but we expect Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a to keep you safely within the rules.

Temperatures above 26°C

During high ambient temperatures all guns can exceed their designed pressures. This can result in slides blowing off and internal damage. If you are not sure we recommend you use Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a during summer months.

Gas Blow Backs

Abbey Predator Ultra Gas is designed to keep metal GBB weapons in perfect working condition. Our UPL lubricant is designed to lubricate gases. And to stay fully mixed to give greater fire power with no jamming.

At higher temperatures you can use Abbey Gun Gas 144a which has all the fine qualities of Ultra Gas to keep guns safely firing without high temperature damage.

Abbey Brut Sniper Gas

Abbey Brut Sniper Gas’ dry formulation is designed to keep Full Auto and hop-up weapons firing accurately and rapidly. Whilst some heavier rifles may benefit from Brut Sniper Gas all year, lighter weapons should change to Abbey Gun Gas 144a to avoid high temperature damage.

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