GHK Rifles: Exploded Diagrams & Part Numbers

Socom Tactical Airsoft is a UK Supplier of GHK providing a large selection of spare parts and rifles including magazines. 

It’s always handy to know your Gas blowback rifle inside and out, especially if you need an upgrade, replacement or even just a spare part. These diagrams explode the GHK G5 and M4 series to a point where every part is detailed and shown how they’re linked. The GHK M4 and G5 manuals are particularly easy to understand, and as long as you’re technically minded, GHK parts are easy to replace and available in the UK.

GHK m4 Spare Parts exploded Diagram

GHK M4 Exploded Diagram

GHK G5 Exploded Diagram

GHK G5 exploded Diagram

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