Halloween Airsoft Ideas

The season of spook is upon us! In celebration of Halloween, here are a few ways you can add some extra fright to your airsoft events!

There’s plenty of inspiration out there for hosting Halloween airsoft events! Whether it’s fighting to the last man against a horde of zombies, disrupting the machinations of a demon-worshiping cult or watching each member of your team slowly turn into an Infected, airsoft is a great way to enjoy some high energy Halloween fun.

Halloween Game Modes


On the way back from a routine mission, your squad’s helicopter crashed under mysterious circumstances. You find yourself in a lifeless village full of ravenous zombies!

Trapped in unfriendly territory and low on supplies, your onl hope is to call in a rescue and hope you can survive long enough for it to reach you…

One squad verses a whole lot of walkers. This game mode is ideal for smaller airsoft teams. Pick a location and hold out until rescue arrives. Zombies have infinite respawns, but players don’t, and have limited ammo. And as everyone knows, only a headshot can take down a zombie.

This is a great opportunity to open your airsoft site up to a whole new audience by inviting local people to help boost the ranks of the zombie horde. It’s a fun night out of dressing up and shambling around as a zombie!


You arrive at a secret research facility to find that the scientists and guards have succumbed to a mysterious virus.

The only way to stop the spread of infection is to take them all down. But can you purge the virus before your entire squad becomes infected…?

Start with two equal teams in a standard Team Deathmatch, twist! One team is “infected” and cannot respawn. But, whenever an infected player kills an opponent, that player respawns as an infected and fights for the other team. If the non-infected aren’t taken down quickly, gradually the tables are turned against the un-infected and they are overrun.


… and little did they know, that as they battled upon the desecrated ground, the dead would rise again, fighting on and on and on…

Standard deathmatch rules apply, until someone gets shot… Once a player is shot, the player goes to the respawn area. Once the player reaches that zone, the player is now a zombie. The zombies do not get guns and MUST wear a full face mask. Equipped with airsoft melee weapons to simulate gnawing flesh, zombies must scrap it out and avoid headshots.

Once a zombie is killed, the zombie must return to the respawn area and continue to be a zombie. The game is won when the time runs out, or everyone is a zombie.

Imagine being the last one standing…

Black Night Ops

Omega Team thought they were on a standard “snatch and grab” job into a covert research lab. But by the time they realised what was really going on, it was already too late…

Ideally played at night, this creepy CQB game should try to maximise jump scares and horror. The best way to run this game is as an objective-based game. The attacking team enters a CQB area, retrieves something and has to get out.

Inside are a mix of guards and zombies (see above) to mix up the defenders, that can turn the attacking team into zombies. Set up your CQB environment with as many hidden surprises as possible to make the experience truly memorable.

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Dress for the Occasion

Horror is great, of course, but Halloween is also a great opportunity to dress up! So, instead of wrapping yourself in camo, put on a clown wig, a skull mask or a witch’s hat and host some novelty deathmatches. Make it an occasion to spice up the serious games with some fun!

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Offer prizes for the best costumes and decorate your site with pumpkins and all the trappings of Halloween!

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