How Not To Freeze While Airsofting

What’s worse when you’re airsofting? Sweltering heat or freezing cold? Would you prefer to be blinded by sweat or have your hands so numb you can’t fire?

Neither seems that appealing, right? And with the grip of winter firmly upon us, there is no better time to load up on some new gear to keep you warm and dry out there.

So in our latest blog, we’re going to run down a few of our preferred cold weather loadouts from head to toe.

Viper Covert Balaclava

This lightweight, flexible balaclava preserves warmth in cold weather and dries quickly. Ideal for covert ops, this balaclava also functions as a neck gaitor when needed and breathes easily for air flow in summer.

Web Text Scrim Scarf

This dual-purpose neck scarf and gun wrap can keep your weapon warm as you set up your skirmish, then keep your neck and face warm while you’re in the field.

Tactical Fleece Jacket

Featuring multiple handy pockets and soft fleece lining, this jacket is perfect for winter weather. Hard wearing and practical, this jacket is ideally suited for harsh outdoor conditions. Combine with a rain-proof poncho for warmth and protection.

Rain-Proof Poncho

Especially in England, wet weather gear is essential for outdoor airsoft. It keeps the mud and rain off your rig and kit. Available in a range of camo and colours, our ponchos offer maximum protection from the elements without compromising combat effectiveness.

Tactical Gloves

Your extremities are most at risk in cold weather. Keep them safe with flexible and water resistant tactical gloves. Made from advanced composite materials, these tough and quick drying gloves are well suited to harsh winter environments.

Tactical Combat Trousers

When skirmishing in bad weather, trousers take the brunt of the damage. Between crouching, taking cover and running through wet foliage, you need trousers that can stand up to punishment. These tactical combat trousers meet the demands of combat scenarios thanks to their rugged design, 6 pockets and armour-reinforced kneepads.

Cold Weather Socks

Any history buffs know the importance of an army’s footwear. Slogging through the mud of the trenches demands footwear that goes above and beyond. Modern cold weather socks offer unparalleled warm and water resistance. Moisture wicking action and an anti-microbial treatment keep your feet dry and flexible, while reinforced heel, sole, and toe sections ensure that these socks provide peak performance, mission after mission.


Boots are the most important part of your winter weather loadout. Good boots need to be totally waterproof, comfortable in all terrains for any length of time and consistently reliable. Suitable for almost every combat scenario, these purpose built boots are fantastic all-rounders.

What you wear while you airsoft can make the difference between operation success or failure. It also has a huge impact on how much enjoyment you’re having. Stay dry and comfortable, plan ahead for the weather and always make sure you have the right gear for the job.

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