How to Airsoft on a Budget

How to Airsoft on a Budget

Like most quality past times, getting started with airsoft requires some investment. At the very least, you need some amount of protection and an airsoft gun. Most people who get started airsofting borrow guns from friends, but eventually everyone wants airsoft gear to call their own. Here’s our realistic guide to budgeting your gear.

How to Choose Airsoft Gear

When you’re choosing gear to buy, it’s never easy deciding which items to purchase. Check out our beginner’s guide for more information. There are several important things to remember when it comes to airsofting on a budget. You want to get the most for your money and kit that is going to last. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money.

How to Airsoft on a budget

Your Airsoft Gun

When choosing an airsoft gun, your budget will depend on what you’re interested in. Assault rifles are the most popular kind of airsoft gun. If you’re looking for an airsoft assault rifle, you should dedicate around £200. You can get a decent submachine gun for a bit less, while sniper rifles start as little as £120. If you want to just go dirt cheap to get in there and give airsofting a try, you can pick up an airsoft pistol for less than £100 and go at it like the wild west! Again, it’s all down to what you’re interested in.

Budget-friendly AEGs

AEGs come in a huge variety, so check out our video for a breakdown of some of the best on a budget.

YouTube video

Budget-friendly airsoft pistols

YouTube video

The WE Browning Hi-Power includes a precision machined barrel assembly, realistic faux-wood grip, adjustable sight, and smooth full metal slide. This is all topped off by an efficient blowback system and solid trigger response. The WE-Tech Hi-Power is one of the best pistols to come to the airsoft market to date and ideal on any budget.

Your Protection

Getting shot can hurt, but getting shot in the face REALLY hurts. Even if you’re on a shoestring budget, don’t ignore the fundamentals. You can pick up some effective eye protection from as little as £15 and full head covering for £30. As for the rest, knee pads are the first thing you should buy and you can make do with layers until you can kit yourself out with tactical apparel.

Filling your loadout

Before reaching for a trusty sidearm, make sure you have a few other basics. A spare battery, magazines, ammo and tactical pouches will round out your basic kit. You can pick up these bits for around £30 – £50.

The gear discussed above will get you started. When you realise that airsofting is awesome and you want to spend every weekend doing it, you can start to build out your gear. We would recommend picking up a sidearm and updating your apparel first. This will give you better protection and more versatility when you play. After that, look to improve your primary airsoft gun, or experiment with different guns to find the one that best suits your style.

There’s a whole world of airsoft stuff out there to try. This is just a jumping off point to get you into playing.  If you’re just starting out or looking to get into airsofting, you can get loads of friendly advice in our store or on our Facebook page.

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