How To Make The Most of Your Grenades and Pyros

How To Make The Most of Your Grenades and Pyros

Nothing ruins a camper’s day more than a grenade. And when it comes to CQB, why run into a room like a fool, when a grenade can go in first? These versatile tools are essential to many skirmishes, and in today’s blog, we’ll break down some of the preferred means of deploying your explosive ordnance.


Smoke grenades can be extremely useful in a number of situations given a little imagination. Traditionally, smoke is used to obscure advances and create cover to throw off snipers, but there are other things you can do too. Smoking a group of camped opponents directly might force them to displace, allowing you to pick them off when they stumble out of the smoke. This tactic is particularly effective in buildings and similar structures. Smoke can also be used to make the battlefield narrower and force the enemy into a bottleneck.

The very best thing about smoke grenades is  that when you have smoke, you have cover, no matter where you are. Just remember that it’s the kind of cover that is really obvious.


Your classic BB grenade will take out everyone within 5 meters of its detonation almost every time. This makes it a fantastically economic way to take out tight groups of enemies. In reality, grenades and similar personal explosives can be used to adjust (destroy) terrain and make or remove cover. The grenades you’ll find during airsoft skirmishes lack the RL flexibility, but are just as effective anti-personnel weapons.

Throwing a grenade requires a good judge of distance, as well as the accuracy and strength to throw it. Since it is a one-use only weapon, make sure you’re going to hit the target.


While not as volatile as their real life equivalents, airsoft flashbangs can still be extremely potent in the right circumstances. Namely, these circumstances are CQB, urban areas where flashbangs can disorientate rooms full of enemies. Indoors, the Db of a flashbang is increased, so you get much more bang (ha ha) for your buck.

The downside of flashbangs is that they are almost totally useless in open terrain or detonating on soft ground. The effects will be hugely muted, rendering a flashbang essentially pointless.

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Airsoft sites vary in their rules and allowances for the use of grenades. Some can only be rolled, others are out-right banned. So before you buy airsoft grenades and pyros, make sure you are aware of your local site’s rules of engagement.

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