How To Shoot Straight: 10 Tips for Instant Airsoft Accuracy

Accurate shooting is what makes the difference between victory and defeat. No matter what airsoft game mode you’re playing, taking out more members of the enemy team is going to give you a huge advantage. But not everyone has the time to invest in honing their airsoft skills to a razor’s edge. When you only play once a month, or only a few times a year, keeping your skills up to scratch can be tricky. Here are 10 easy ways to stay shooting straight and getting the hits you need to ensure victory!

Use the correct BBs for your guns

Using the wrong weight of BB can throw off your range and accuracy hugely. Too light and they’ll be thrown off by the wind. Too heavy and they’ll never reach the target. Be sure to check the recommended BB weight of your various guns and make sure you’re loading the right ammo.

Adjust your hop-up

Hop up is a very important part of shooting at a distance. You can adjust your hop-up to make sure your BBs aren’t straying too high or low of your target.

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Find out more about how hop-ups work.

Upgrade the airsoft guns

Rather than buying new guns, stick with what you’re familiar with and upgrade as you go. Investing in optics, extra magazines, and accessories will greatly improve your shooting performance.

Wear the right clothing

You’d be surprised by how your clothes affect your shooting. If you’re uncomfortably hot or cold, it will throw off your shots and reduce your accuracy. Protect your eyes from the sun in hot weather and wear gloves that offer as much freedom of movement as possible in cold weather.

Use your sights

Does this sound obvious? Yes. But you see it all the time, especially in hectic, CQB games. Maintain your discipline and use your sights. That’s what they’re for.

Maintain a stable firing position

Keep the stock firmly pressed against the shoulder of your dominant hand. Use your other hand to support the gun, while your strong hand pulls the trigger. This will give you as much control as possible.

Don’t spray and pray

Take your time and choose your shots carefully. Firing early and missing doesn’t just waste your ammo, it reveals your position. Take your time to line up your sights and make an accurate shot.

Be tactical

For example: If you’re planning to come around a corner, take out a small sidearm. This will allow you to bring your gun up and aim much faster than you would using your primary gun. As soon as you’ve cleared the corner,  start using your primary again. If your gun has multiple firing modes, choose the right one for the right situation.

Use all the tools available

Situational upgrades, such as flashlights, speed re-loaders and versatile sidearms can give you an edge in specific circumstances. Not every match is going to involve patiently firing across a field, so make sure you have the right gun to fire in the first place.

Practice, practice, practice!

Yes, you don’t want to hear it, but until we really do get homing BBs , practice makes perfect. If you can’t make it out to play regularly, spend time practicing at home. Set up a makeshift firing range and practice your shooting. Just make sure you’re on good terms with the neighbours!

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