How To Use Abbey Supply Gun Grease LT2 On Airsoft And Traditional Guns

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If you look at metal under a powerful microscope, you might expect to see a smooth, shiny surface like you see with your eyes and feel with your fingers. However, what you will actually see is a cracked, mountainous exterior not unlike a satellite photo of the Alps.

It’s these tiny, microscopic little cracks, bumps and ski resorts that get snagged on other surfaces and cause friction.

This is where Abbey Gun Grease LT2 comes in. The Melyd… Melydebum… Molybdenum Disulphide in our gun grease fills in these fissures and rough spots and creates a smooth, friction free surface. The reduced friction results in efficient and durable operation with less heat and operational noise.

This grease is perfect for metal-on-metal or metal-on-plastic applications, due to its high viscosity, surface smoothing and self-healing properties.

For a lubricant to use in plastic-on-plastic applications, try Abbey Silicone Gun Grease.

If you’re looking to keep O-rings and seals well lubricated and performing optimally, you’ll need Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35.

To apply Abbey Gun Grease LT2, first identify an area of metal-on-metal or metal-on-plastic friction that requires lubrication. These can be identified by louder than usual sound during operation and areas that look worn through friction.

Using a finger or clean cloth, apply the Gun Grease to metal areas of high friction such as bolts, slides and AEG Gears until the surface is evenly covered in a light film.

Be sure to remove any excess, as it will only collect debris and hinder performance. If applying to an area of high velocity, such as slides or AEG gears, operate these parts slowly by hand to help distribute the lubrication.

Our greases come in handy 50ml pots that allow you to store it easily in a toolbox, gun bag or pouch so that you’re never in a jam.

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