How To Use Abbey Supply’s Silicone Gun Grease

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  Produced by Abbey Supply Abbey Silicone Gun Grease is a powerful product designed specifically for plastic-on-plastic or plastic-on-metal applications – perfect for many of the airsoft guns out there! It’s vital to ensure each and every mechanical part inside your weapon is well lubricated in order to facilitate an effective firing process. This will allow for accurate shots to be fired consistently, whilst also preventing damage from being caused to the weapon itself. Silicone Gun Grease lets you do just that so we’re going to walk you through exactly how to use it. Where can I use it? It’s specifically designed for plastic-on-plastic contact as well as metal-on-plastic. Silicone gun grease is perfect for many areas of your guns including:
  • Pistol slides
  • Tappet plates
  • Selector plates
How do I use it? Using our grease is easy – all you need is the grease itself and a pair of hands. Simply rub a small amount on to the respective surface you wish to lubricate. Ensure The entire area is covered evenly with a thin film and then remove any unwanted excess to prevent build ups of dirt and debris. In addition, if your gun is more susceptible to having oils travel down the barrel and landing on the hop-up, we advise you to use Silicone Gun Grease on your O-rings and rubber seals too. Its high viscosity over silicone oil means that it won’t become dislodged during firing which will help to prevent your accuracy from being unnecessarily compromised. Silicone Gun Grease comes in conveniently small 20ml pots which are ideal for storing in your home or even in body armour for use in the field. Learn more about Silicone Gun Grease by clicking here.

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