Huge gun delivery just arrived!

We at Socom Tactical airsoft have just received a huge shipment of over 25 airsoft guns, including AEG assault rifles, sniper rifles and new magazines such as the sought after PMAG style.

Some new additions to the shop include the ever popular MP40, and Sten gun to complete your WWII loadouts or even the KARK98 if your want the unique look and the rare shell ejecting features. In addition to that we now stock spare shells if needed to keep you competitive on the field.

If GBB pistols aren’t your thing we also now have even more CYMA AEP Glock, P226 and CZ99 style pistols as well as all of the spare magazines and batteries to suit your needs.

Thanks for reading this blog post and stay tuned for more coming soon.

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Huge gun delivery just arrived!


About Laurence Kay

Laurence is a keen airsoft player and has been the owner of SoCom Tactical for over 10 years. He’s played airsoft all over the country solo and as part of teams and is an expert on all things airsoft, like tactics, airsoft guns and gameplay equipment. As one of the UK’s leading airsoft suppliers and retailers, Laurence is the go-to source for airsoft knowledge.