IS Widebore the way forward?

Wider is better The ORGA Magnus WideBore barrels keeps are 6.10mm to 6.23mm inner diameter while adding new design features. The most significant design change allows you to easily install the same hop system that we use in our ORGA Custom Shop. This further enhances the barrels potential for AEG systems. The hop window has also been custom designed to allow for a more stable hop. Today we will look at why we decided to go wide bore design. # Maximize AEG performance! After extensive testing we settled on a 6.10mm to 6.23mm diameter, and are pleased to report that after installing the WideBore barrel along with our complete line of upgrade parts, many players in Japan reported they had found “the one.” # Standard and Precision As shown below, a standard diameter barrel will introduce some friction and path variation due to slight contact along the length of the barrel. This can have a significant impact on BB trajectory and accuracy. Longer barrels and increased hop are often used to try and reverse these effects. As for Precision, The velocity of the BB in an equal length precision barrel tends to increase, but there is also a dramatic rise in barrel friction on the BB. Hop-up spin can be decreased by this friction, which will affect distance. Airsoft,widebore # Wide Bore of Magnus The ORGA Magnus WideBore barrel increases accuracy and trajectory by reducing barrel friction and inner barrel bouncing. The width of the barrel ensures that hop-up spin is constant and consistent when it exits the barrel. This allows for precise, long range shooting, with 55-65 meter accuracy at under 1J. Airsoft,widebore # The WideBore Barrel vs. TightBore Barrel  for example,) The Test: There are two AEGs with the same muzzle velocity, each using “0.25 BB” with a “FPS of 450”. The first AEG is outfitted with AEG 1: Wide Bore setting (Magnus 6.23 Inner Barrel with a High power spring)   The second AEG is outfitted with AEG 2: Tight Bore barrel (6.03mm Inner Barrel with a Regular power spring) → Which AEG will give you better distance and accuracy? The Answer is AEG 1. The reasons being: * Since both AEGs have the same muzzle velocity but the Magnus 6.23 is pushing more uninterrupted air the BB stays in flight longer with greater accuracy   * The Magnus Barrel can delay the reduction of power behind the BB because the amount of force pushing the BB is far greater than the TightBore barrel.   * The result is the same across the board for all FPSs # ORGA Magnus WideBore Barrels appeal to a wide range of playing styles. The Long Shot For those players that prefer to play a marksman role; high accuracy, a scope, and semi-auto will improve your effectiveness on the field. Long barrel results with a shorter WideBore barrel will allow you to be faster and mobile while still playing the type of game you enjoy. ■ The High Cycle Precision barrels can have a tendency to clog and jam as they collect dust, dirt, and BB residue. The Magnus WideBore barrel helps prevent clogging, as well as piston and gear malfunction. As the number of high-cycle products being released by manufacturers increases, the number of users wanting high cycle weapons that are still accurate and consistent rises as well. The Magnus barrel helps high-cycle players get more out of their investment. ■ The As Is Not everybody wants to open up and tinker with their mechbox. Why fix what isn’t broken? The ORGA Magnus barrel provides immediate benefits with a simple barrel change.

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