JG G36c – The Perfect Starter Gun


Jing Gong G36c – £145

The JG G36 has been around for years and many like myself started of with one for their first gun, but lets look at why.

First of all it’s and inexpensive, durable ABS plastic rifle with lots of potential for customisation, for example you can change the standard skeletal style stock to the KV shark stock or even get the M4 stock adapter to attach a stock tube and new stock. This is ideal for those that don’t like the standard folding stock aspect of the G36 and want the comfortable feel of a crane or viper stock. Magazines are readily available for these in both high capacity (470 round) and mid capacity (100-140 round) magazines, available from MAG, Cyma, JG, Classic Army and Tokyo Marui. Another customisable aspect of the G36 is the M4 magazine adapter allowing you to use M4 type magazines.

The G36c is just one of many sizes in the G36 range, you have the G36k which has a slightly longer barrel, more to a full rifle length, the G36e which is more of a DMR/Support weapon length with a bipod built into the handguard for either use, turning it into an MG36.

Even when downgraded, the G36 has an allen screw at the back to adjust the FPS up and down, please be aware that your hop up effects the FPS so do not adjust it too high whilst hop is applied.

Overall the internals are just as robust as the externals and most parts are easy to get hold of. A lot of manufacturers are making pouches and tactical gear more accessible to users. They definitely have grown in popularity over the past few years. Check out our range of G36 RIFs and accessories.

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