Jing Gong Bar 10 Standard & Gspec


JG Bar 10 standard & Gspec – £155

The JG Bar 10 (or VSR 10) is arguably one of the best base airsoft guns in the market for upgrading to an ultimate bolt action spring sniper rifle. Starting with the externals, the Bar 10 features a rubberised texture body, instantly giving it one up on the Tokyo Marui VSR 10 which has a basic ABS plastic body. It has sling points on both the front and rear of the lower body with the 20mm bipod rail readily available. The upper half is full metal like the TM one and comes with a 20mm picatinny rail for sights and scopes. Oh and it even comes with a 3-9×40 scope! The scope has a nice, clear crosshair and also comes with the scope rings necessary to mount the scope on.


The JG Bar 10s come as the standard sizes one with a 430mm inner barrel or the suppressed Gspec version with a 303mm barrel. The Gspec version has the same lower body, but a thicker outer barrel with a removable suppressor on the end giving it a slightly shorter length with it on and a hugely shorter length with it off. When silence is essential for sniping the Gspec model really dampens the sound of every shot

For the internals, every part is 100% VSR compatible which means there are plenty of upgrades readily available from AirsoftPro, Action Army, PSS, Shooter, Maple Leaf and SPEED. It comes out of the box at 420-430 fps (varies between each gun) which means you don’t need to upgrade the trigger mechanism and spring straight away as it gives you a more substantial power compared to the Tokyo Marui version. After the PTFE mod on a new hop and inner barrel it can easily bump the stock FPS to 450. The trigger mechanism along with the piston, spring and spring guide are robust and allow thousands of shots without issues, but like everything else about this gun it can all be upgraded to CNC machined and steel parts to increase the durability, efficiency and with a new spring, the power to push it to the legal limit.

It comes with a 30 round magazine with more readily available, including the Action Army 50 round magazine and even the 3D printed DTD VSR to M4 magazine adapter, ideal for longer games and the convenience of having much higher capacity magazines at your disposal. Heavier weight BBs are highly recommended for this airsoft rifle due to the higher power. This means you have a lot of power to play with to make for much more accurate shots. As standard, we recommend Valken 0.36g pellets, but can also use 0.40g and even 0.43g BBs.

Overall this is a universally upgradeable RIF great for players just starting to get into the sniping aspect of airsoft. In the box, you get the rifle, a magazine, a scope mount, scope rings, a 3-9×40 scope, cleaning/unjamming rod, sample BBs, the manual and the tools needed to assemble and disassemble the gun. At a £155 price tag this must outweigh the £235 price of the Tokyo Marui version.

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