John Wick’s Guns

John Wick's Guns
If you’re not familiar with this movie, we’ll summarise: some dude kills Johnny Mnemonic’s dog so he goes on a killing spree against Russian gangsters. Not the most in-depth plot in history, but beautiful in its simplicity, allowing us to enjoy the action.
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And this movie is packed full high octane fight scenes as John Wick battles his way through waves of henchmen with guns, cars and martial arts moves. The guns in John Wick are particularly awesome, so we’re going to break them down right here.

So let’s kit up…

John Wick doesn’t really have a signature weapon like Bullet-Tooth Tony does in Snatch. This is because John Wick is constantly running out of ammo, grabbing the nearest gun and carrying on.

H&K P30L

But if you had to make a choice, it would be the H&K P30L, which John Wick uses in the notorious Club scene (more on this later) and at the very end of the film. HK_P30L   With a striking design and refined details, the H&K P30 is a formidable sidearm. Besides its renowned reliability, the P30 is especially notable for its unique grip ergonomics. The easily exchangeable grip shells are the only ones of their kind in the world. In combination with the exchangeable back strap, the pistol provides maximum adaptability to any hand size. Unlike the normal H&K P30, the P30L features a lengthened slide/barrel, making it look even more awesome on screen.

Glock 26

The sidearm’s sidearm. The Glock 26 is John Wick’s backup pistol. Remember, it’s quicker to rearm than reload! Glock_26 800px-JohnWickG26 The so-called “Baby Glock” is one of the world’s most popular concealed carry sidearms. It’s compact design makes it ideal for concealment and doesn’t compromise on performance as it still holds all the technology and build quality you expect from Glock. But personally, we prefer the Glock 18

Coharie Arms CA-415

When it’s time to break out the big guns, John Wick reaches for this American-made clone of the H&K HK416. CA415   The CA-415 uses a short-stroke piston design, which prevents combustion gases from entering the weapon’s interior. This reduces heat and fouling, increases time between stoppages and, when combined with the user-friendly grip and comfortable stock, makes for a reliable and effective rifle.

What John’s Up Against…

The baddies have their own exotic range of firearms that get bigger and louder as the movie goes on. The henchmen favour the Glocks, while more major characters each favour a signature weapon. Now, let’s see some of those guns in action…
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