Ultimate Airsoft Guide To LiPo Battery Chargers: Get Powered Up!

airsoft lipo battery charger

Have you ever been involved in a high-intensity airsoft match and had your LiPo battery run out of juice before the round was over? Having a reliable LiPo battery charger is essential for any serious airsoft enthusiast.

Airsoft guns are powered batteries – the power supply behind your airsoft gun can be either a NiCd, LiIon or LiPo battery. LiPo batteries are the most common type of battery used in airsoft guns, and they offer more power and longer run times than their NiCd counterparts.

As with any of these battery types, charging them properly is critical for the health of your airsoft gun and batteries.

If you want your gun to serve you well and last a long time, it is important to have the right LiPo battery charger to get the maximum life out of your battery.

What is a LiPo Battery, and What Are They Used For in Airsoft?

LiPo batteries come in two voltage options: 11.1V or 7.4V. The type of voltage you will need for your airsoft gun will depend on the type of gun you have.

Different types of airsoft guns will require different battery outputs. A higher voltage battery will cause the gun’s motor to spin faster than a lower voltage battery, so if your gun isn’t built to handle a higher voltage, it’s important to use a lower voltage LiPo battery.

The more powerful the gun is, the more likely you’ll need an 11.1V LiPo battery – this type of battery will provide the most power and torque to your airsoft gun motor.

Conversely, if you have a standard AEG airsoft gun that isn’t very powerful, then you should use a 7.4V LiPo battery – this type of battery has less power and torque but can still get the job done.

When you purchase your airsoft weapon, the manufacturer will likely enclose the recommended battery type and voltage information.

airsoft lipo battery charger
Ultimate Airsoft Guide To LiPo Battery Chargers: Get Powered Up!

Why is it Important to Charge Your LiPo Battery Correctly?

While it might seem like a fairly simple job, some people still miss the importance of charging their LiPo battery correctly.

LiPo batteries are very powerful and volatile, so it is important to take the necessary precautions when charging them. When a LiPo battery is charged incorrectly or left uncharged for too long, it can become dangerous as the cells will be overcharged, leading to overheating and venting of gases.

This could end up damaging the battery, rendering it useless, and you’ll be left stuck in the middle of an airsoft skirmish.

Charging your LiPo battery (or any airsoft battery, for that matter) correctly will ensure that the health of your battery is prolonged, allowing you to enjoy your airsoft skirmishes for longer.

What Makes a Good LiPo Battery Charger?

Just like it is important to charge your battery in the correct way, you will also need to make sure that you are using a good quality LiPo battery charger.

A low-quality charger won’t give you the same performance as a high-quality charger, so it’s important to do your research.

When looking for a LiPo battery charger, there are several features that you should look out for:

  • An integrated balancer so that each cell of the battery is charged evenly;
  • A low resistance connection between the battery and the charger;
  • A wide range of adjustable voltage settings to match your battery type and capacity;
  • Reverse polarity protection so that you don’t accidentally hook up your battery wrong;
  • Over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection.

A good LiPo battery charger is essential for getting the most out of your airsoft battery, as it will ensure that your battery is charged safely and efficiently.

Recommended LiPo Battery Chargers at SOCOM Tactical

Here at SOCOM Tactical, we offer a range of LiPo battery chargers that are perfect for any airsoft enthusiast, no matter what your weapon of choice.

From reputable brands like Oper8 and Vapex, we have the perfect LiPo battery charger for your airsoft gun.

GT Power X-Charger B6 Prob Multi-Charger

The GT Power X-Charger Multi-Charger is an incredibly versatile and reliable charger that supports multiple battery packs, including Li-PO/Lithium Ion batteries with 1-6 series (3.7v to 22.2v).

It features a built-in balance temperature sensor with a maximum charging power of 50W.

Its circuit power of up to 5W and current range from 0.1-5.0A for charging and 0.1-1.0A for discharging offer efficient and powerful operation for your electrical needs.

Safety is also paramount as the charger comes with a 10A fuse that prevents short circuits from occurring that could potentially damage the device or put users at risk of injury.

Oper8 Touch Multi Airsoft Charger Touch Screen

The Oper8 Touch Multi Airsoft Charger Touch Screen is the perfect tool for easy charging and maintaining your airsoft batteries.

Featuring a full touch screen programming system, this charger makes it easy to understand and use, with an auto cell selection to avoid tedious errors.

The LCD display allows you to easily read the settings while a digital power function, balancer, and IR test help keep your batteries in top condition.

With its high power 100w charge current of 0.1a-10A, discharge 10w current at 0.1-2A plus 400ma balancing current, you can be sure your batteries will always be ready when you need them most.

Whether a beginner or professional airsoft player, you can trust that the Oper8 Touch Multi Airsoft Charger will give you fast, efficient charging times every time!

Vapex 700mA Charger for LiPo/LiFe Batteries

The Vapex 700mA Charger for LiPo/LiFe Batteries is a reliable and easy-to-use charger for all your 1-3 cell LiPo or LiFe battery needs.

This charger has an output of 700mA, which can charge your batteries quickly and efficiently. The clear instructions and intuitive indicating lights help you get the most out of your charging experience by allowing you to easily monitor the status of your battery during charging.

This charger comes with a UK 3-pin plug already attached for added convenience. So you can start charging your batteries immediately without worrying about extra installation or setup steps.

Setting Up and Operating Your LiPo Battery Charger Correctly

Once you have selected your desired LiPo battery charger, it is important to read the instructions carefully before use. When connecting your battery, ensure that it is connected correctly, using the correct polarity and ensuring that the weight of the wire connections is even.

Once you have ensured that your battery has been set up correctly, connect it to a power source and begin charging. Always ensure the charger is set to the correct voltage and current settings for your battery to reduce the risk of overcharging and damage.

We really recommend not disconnecting your battery from the charger until your battery is fully charged. Part-charging your batteries could significantly reduce their life over time.

Discharging Your LiPo Battery Charger

It’s also important to remember that LiPo battery chargers are not for one-time use only. You should always discharge your battery after every charge, as this will help maintain the performance and life of your battery.

To do this, get yourself one of our Discharging Sticks, which helps to safely discharge your battery with minimum effort. 

Once the process is complete, unplug your battery from the charger and store it away until needed. Or, if you’re planning on disposing of the battery, before throwing your LiPo battery away, you should double-check that the voltage is 0V. This ensures that your battery has been completely discharged and won’t cause any unexpected fires or explosions. 

Remember – always follow the instructions carefully to ensure that you get the most out of your LiPo charger and battery!

Summary: Power Up Your Gun and Your Game with the Right LiPo Charger

Nobody wants to be caught out in the field with a drained battery, so make sure you’re fully prepared by investing in a good quality LiPo battery charger.

Making sure you correctly charge, discharge and store your battery is key to ensuring that it holds its power and performance over time.

At SOCOM Tactical, we stock a wide range of LiPo chargers and batteries from brands like Oper8 and Vapex. Our experienced staff will be happy to help you find the perfect charger for your airsoft gun, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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