What Is The World’s Most Expensive Airsoft Gun? (Plus How To Make Your Own For Less!)

Evike Custom Optic Thunder M4 AEG rifle

Behold the most expensive airsoft gun in world. We think you’ll agree; it’s a piece of work!

This $10,000 monstrosity comes packed with a smorgasbord of attachments with dubious usefulness, including scopes, a tactical spork and even a loo roll holder – yes, you heard that right!

The Most Expensive Airsoft Gun in the World…

The Evike Custom “Optic Thunder” M4 AEG rifle boasts that you will “never lose sight of targets when batteries run low” and that you can “eat jello on the battlefield.”

In other words, it’s probably not the best choice for serious airsoft players.

But if you’re looking to make a statement and have some serious cash to burn, this is the gun for you!

Evike Custom ‘Optic Thunder’ Gun Specifications

The spec of this airsoft gun are pretty impressive if we do say so… just take a look!

Evike Custom ‘Optic Thunder’ Specs
Magazine Capacity2500rd “C” Magazine
Muzzle Velocity400 FPS (Measured with 0.20g BB’s)
Thread Direction14mm Positive
Fire ModesSemi/Full-Auto, Safety
Battery11.1v Lipo Recommended
Totally Cool?Yes, Definitely!

Evike Custom ‘Optic Thunder’ M4 Gun Features

We’ve taken a closer look into what it is that actually makes this the world’s most expensive airsoft gun, and, it’s safe to say, we’re impressed.

Evike Custom ‘Optic Thunder’ Features
Full Metal Receiver, RIS, Scope Mounts and other bits forged from Pure Awesomeness.
Choose from not one, not two, but SEVEN Scopes to acquire your target. Never lose sight of the enemy!
Integrated Grenade Launcher, for those moments when a 2500rd Drum Mag just isn’t enough.
Tactical Flashlight Vertical Grip to blind everything in your way!
Inverted Vertical Grip, Perfect for Tactical Toilet Paper Rolls (We recommend Charmin Ultra Soft for comfort. Toilet Paper not included.)
Tactical Laser to help acquire targets even faster when firing at the hip
PEQ Box attached to the Stock for those moments of… moments of… sighting a target from behind you? Whatever. It’s attached to the Stock because we want it to be.

Tactical Spork. Good for eating Jello, good for digging trenches, great as a substitute for a machete when you’re making your way through the jungle! (Jello not included. Do not eat from Spork when gun is loaded.)
Extra Long Mock Silencer. Worried that your 5″ Mock Silencer just doesn’t cut it? Worry no more.
Sniper Pistol Grip. Ergonomic, comfortable, perfect for the job.
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How to Make Your Own Optic Thunder Airsoft Gun

Clearly the Optic Thunder has it all, but there are better ways to optimise your loadout. Let’s start from the assumption that you have a regular M4 AEG airsoft rifle.

This is a great starting point, as the M4 is one of the most versatile and common airsoft guns available. But what can you do to make it even better?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Add a red dot sight or holographic sight. This will help you acquire targets more quickly and improve your accuracy.

2. Add a foregrip. This will help stabilise your gun and make it more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

3. Add a suppressor. This will help reduce the noise your gun makes and make it more difficult for opponents to locate you.

4. Add a high capacity magazine. This will give you more ammunition before needing to reload, giving you an advantage in firefights.

5. Add a flashlight. This will help you see in low light conditions and can also be used to temporarily blind opponents.

Worlds most expensive airsoft gun
What Is The World's Most Expensive Airsoft Gun? (Plus How To Make Your Own For Less!)

And if you want to have a go at making your own version of the Optic Thunder airsoft gun (for a fraction of the price), here’s how!

Airsoft Scopes & Laser Sights

M4 airsoft rifles are designed to fire across a medium to high range, so a quality scope is important to preserving your accuracy. 

A lightweight, adjustable red dot sight provides ideal accuracy and flexibility that is ideal for M4 rifle users.

Plus, a red dot sight is easier to use than a traditional scope, as you don’t need to align your eye with the sight. This is especially useful when engaging targets at close range.

For longer range shots, a magnified scope will give you the added precision needed to make those crucial headshots. A 4x or 6x scope should provide enough magnification for most situations, although higher powered scopes are available for long range varmint hunting and sniper rifles.

A laser sight can also be a valuable addition to your M4 airsoft rifle. A laser sight helps you quickly acquire your target and can be used in conjunction with a red dot sight or magnified scope.

Airsoft Grenade Launcher

If the firepower of an M4 assault rifle just isn’t enough, you need to break out the heavy ordinance.

An underslung grenade launcher is an ideal accessory when a bigger bang is required. More effective than spraying and praying, firing an airsoft grenade is arguably better than trying to pinpoint several opponents.

A grenade launcher can also be used to fire smoke grenades, which can provide a keen tactical advantage.

It’s worth mentioning that most grenade launchers are only compatible with M4 airsoft rifles, as they use the same mounting system.


Sporks? Sporks are just a spoon and a fork! When you’re out on the battlefield, you need a utensil that does more than just scoop and stab. 

But how, I hear you cry, can you improve on the mighty spork? You add more…

But seriously, a spork is a great addition to your airsoft loadout. It’s strong enough to act as a substitute for a knife, and can be used to eat food from your MREs (meals ready to eat).

They’re also handy for digging trenches or clearing foliage, and make a great emergency self-defence weapon if you find yourself in a tight spot.

Just make sure you clean it after every meal!

Silenced Airsoft Sidearm

Airsoft pistol silencers are very useful for quiet and close CQB engagements, providing you with the opportunity to gain a tactical edge. 

They also provide you with the option for stealth action without needing to modify your primary weapon on the fly.

Rather than attaching every mod to one gun, try diversifying. A silenced sidearm allows you to go loud or go dark without having to tediously add and remove your silencer from your rifle.

Plus, it’s always good to have a backup weapon in case your primary runs out of ammo or jams.

High Capacity Magazines (Hi-Caps) for your Weapon

A high-capacity magazine, or Hi-Cap, is an essential piece of kit for any airsoft player. It’s basically a larger version of a standard magazine, holding more BBs so you can stay in the fight for longer

Most Hi-Caps hold between 100 and 300 rounds, although some larger capacity magazines are available. Hi-Caps are great for suppressing fire and laying down cover fire, as well as giving you the edge in close-quarters skirmishes.

Just make sure you get one that’s compatible with your gun!

Airsoft Gun Torches

For night skirmishes and shadowy CQB combat, a torch is extremely useful. While it has the potential to reveal your position, clever use of a torch can guide you through dark areas as well as surprise enemies. 

However, at Socom, we prefer a subtler approach.

Night vision has become so much more affordable in recent years, allowing easy access to personal night optics. Using night vision goggles gives you the ultimate element of surprise. 

Sure, all of this isn’t as awesome as having it all on one airsoft gun, but we think this loadout will be a bit more effective in the field.

The Worlds Most Expensive Airsoft Gun: Is it Worth It?

We hope you enjoyed our exploration of the most expensive airsoft gun in the world. As we said at the beginning, it’s a pretty niche market and not something that most players will ever need to worry about.

However, if you’re lucky enough to have the cash to spare, there are some amazing options out there for you.

Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

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