New Abbey Vortex Gas, Arriving Soon…

As soon as we heard the news of the Abbey Vortex airsoft gas released, we jumped right onto it and ordered loads, but what are the benefits?

The Vortex gas has been designed much like the Guarder black gas we’ve previously stocked. It contains a lot more power and designed to tackle the cold weather we face in Britain, this makes it an excellent substitute for their predator gas in metal blowback pistols and blowback snipers/rifles.

Although no official images or description have been released for this yet, we’d thought we’d let you know what you were in for if you were unable to find a high enough power gas for your gun.

Due to the lower amount of lubrication contained in the Vortex gas, we suggest (as with any gas) that running Abbey’s Maintenance gas through your pistols, rifles and snipers would prove to be an effective deterrent against drying up gas valves and keeping your weapon well maintained in throughout the year, with less of a need to be constantly taking them apart and using silicone lubricants.

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