Ortlieb Dry Bags, the overall benefit

Ortlieb is a German based company that specialises in camping and outdoors gear, here at Socom Tactical, we got in the ‘Dry Bags’ designed and developed to meet the contents of it, you guessed it….dry. Made of a highly durable and thick material, the bag sizes range from 5 Litres to 59 Litres.

Here is a little snippet of what the dry bag is:

“Proven on tracks and trails around the world, PS490 dry bags are versatile and durable. Made with one of ORTLIEB’s strongest heavy-duty fabrics, they can withstand just about anything. They feature a roll-down closure with stiffener bar, a tough base that makes packing easier than ever, and D-rings for securing inside a boat or on top of a luggage rack. The PS490 bags are designed for extreme applications and are even used as haul sacs. All sizes 59 litres and above feature additional side handles. The model in black-lime has a valve for deflation and easier packing”

Here we have some more insight and information into the tech specs, a comparison between the different models of Dry Bags and of course the instructions for use. All the information you need is here.

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