0.20g Airsoft BBs

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The 0.20g airsoft BB is the standard and minimum weight for most airsoft guns. They are ideal for support guns that require a larger spread or airsoft guns where the range is a priority over accuracy for CQB environments.

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Standard Weight BBs

0.20g airsoft BBs are the lightest weight you can use in your airsoft gun, usually, they are less accurate, but travel further than the 0.23g and 0.25g BBs. We recommend these if you use full auto a lot or have a support weapon where you go through a lot of ammunition and need a wide shooting spread

We stock standard weight 0.20g BBs for airsoft. Suitable for most AEG airsoft guns, our range of BBs include all the biggest brands, including ProballASG Blaster and Valken. We also stock biodegradable BBs that are good for the environment, as well as glow in the dark tracer BBs for nighttime or indoor dark skirmishes.

Whether you’re looking for BBs for a weekend event or a year’s supply, you’ll find all the BBs you need right here with our new bulk deal bundles on Proball.

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