0.20g Airsoft BBs

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Get your ammo stocked up for your next airsoft match with Socom’s range of 0.20g airsoft BB pellets. Ideal for most airsoft guns, we have a great selection of BB ammo that will have you ready for battle. Read More

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0.2g Airsoft BBs

No airsoft player wants to be caught out with an empty gun! Make sure your loadout is fully stocked with airsoft ammo by getting everything you need from Socom Tactical.

You can use our selection of 0.20g airsoft BB pellets in almost any airsoft gun – especially support guns that require a larger spread of shots or weapons that prioritise range over accuracy in CQB environments.

This airsoft BB weight is the lightest option, allowing them to travel further than your 0.23g or 0.25g airsoft bullets. Although the accuracy is slightly reduced, the benefit of such a lightweight is your BB guns can fire at a faster rate, allowing you to dominate the field.

As well as standard BBs, we stock a great choice of biodegradable BBs. These environmentally-friendly options are actually required at many airsoft sites around the UK, so they’re a great choice. Just because they’re kinder to the environment doesn’t mean they perform any differently – you can expect the same level of accuracy, range and velocity when taking your shots.

Our airsoft BB pellets come in various bottle sizes, so whether you’re looking to stock up ahead of your weekend game or want to get prepared for the year, you’ll find the perfect ammo for your airsoft BB gun right here.

Get stocked up on your 0.20g BB airsoft ammo at Socom Tactical now. The opposing team won’t know what hit them!

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BB stands for ‘ball bearing’ or ‘bullet ball’; round, plastic ammunition used in airsoft guns. They come in various weights, providing different levels of accuracy and range.

The BB weight you use will depend on your weapon of choice. 0.20g BB pellets are the most lightweight option, proving slightly less accuracy than the 0.25g BBs. But they give you far more range, so they’re ideal for support guns or guns that prioritise range.

The weight of the BBs you use will depend on the airsoft gun you’re using. 0.20g is the lightest option, providing great range but slightly lacking accuracy – they’re best suited for most AEG guns. 0.23g BBs are midweight and compatible with any type of gun. The higher-weight option is the 0.25g BBs, which give great accuracy – ideal for airsoft sniper rifles and pistols.

Standard BBs aren’t biodegradable – they’re made from plastic. But there are biodegradable BB alternatives that don’t use any plastic but instead compostable materials, so they’re much better for the environment. Many airsoft sites now require players to use biodegradable BBs, so check the requirements before heading off to your match.