0.23g Airsoft BBs

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Shoot further, with great accuracy, using Socom’s range of medium-weight 0.23g Airsoft BBs, perfect for pros or beginners. Get stocked up now! Read More

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Medium Weight Airsoft BBs

Our range of 0.23g airsoft BBs is extremely consistent in size and dimension, making them reliable and effective when you need them most.

Stocking the leading brands – including ASG and Valken –, you can always trust the quality of your airsoft BBs when you buy from Socom Tactical!

Shooting further than the 0.25g BB, with more accuracy than the 0.20g – the 0.23g is the perfect middle ground for those getting used to their airsoft gun or for those seeking reliability in a fast-paced skirmish.

0.23g BBs are great if you’re looking for a clearer trajectory from your airsoft ammo.

We also stock our 0.23’s in a biodegradable option for environmentally conscious gamers looking for the ideal weight for an accurate shot.

Get stocked up on your 0.23g airsoft BBs with Socom for the very best in airsoft ammo! Shop now. You won’t regret it. 

Why not explore our range of airsoft guns, pairing perfectly with our BBs for the ultimate airsoft shooting experience?


Airsoft BBs are typically made from the thermoplastic monomer Polyactid acid. Socom also stocks pellets made from bioplastics, using plant matter to create sustainable airsoft ammo.

The 0.23g BB offers a little more speed and accuracy than the 0.25g, making it ideal for mid-range fire. 0.25 BB pellets have the weight for a stronger trajectory with maximum wind resistance.

The type of airsoft BBs you should use depends on your gun and the range you’re shooting at. Nothing heavier than 0.25g should be used indoors for safety reasons.

Heavier BBs actually have a longer range than their lighter counterparts. This is due to their greater mass and improved wind resistance. Lighter BBs are usually faster but don’t travel as far, making them more suited to indoor use.