0.23g Airsoft BBs

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The 0.23g airsoft BBs are the middle ground if you can’t decide on using 0.20g or 0.25g BBs. The shoot further than 0.25g, and are more accurate than 0.20g. Different weight BBs all depend on your hop set up, but 0.23g BBs are a great choice for any rifle or pistol.

Showing all 3 results


A 1KG bag of BLS 0.23g Biodegradable airsoft BBs

0.23g Airsoft BBs

BLS 0.23g Airsoft BBs (4300)


A 1KG bag of BLS 0.23g airsoft BBs


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Medium Weight BBs

We stock medium weight 0.23g BBs for airsoft. Suitable for most AEG airsoft guns, our selection of mid-weight BBs are ideal if you’re looking to get more accuracy and trajectory from your airsoft ammo.

We stock leading BB brands, including Proball, ASG Blaster and Valken Infinity. We also stock biodegradable BBs that are good for the environment.

All of our BBs are extremely consistent in size and dimension, making them reliable and effective when you need them most. Their smoothness and consistently high quality ensure no loss of compression when shooting.

Explore our range of 0.23g BBs below.