0.25g Airsoft BBs

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Stock up on your airsoft ammo with our 0.25g BBs! Get ready for intense rounds of gameplay with the perfect Airsoft Ammo from Socom Tactical.

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Higher Accuracy Airsoft BBs

0.25g Airsoft BBs are the choice for great accuracy! They work brilliantly in all airsoft rifles and pistols due to their heavier weight; they are less affected by wind, meaning they shoot a lot straighter than standard 0.20g BBs

If an unbeatable aim is what you’re after, why not try our 0.25g UV tracer BBs? These specialised pellets pair with a tracer airsoft gun attachment so you can follow your shot in the dark.

You’ll find all the leading brands, like ASG and Valken, providing you with the very best equipment.

All of our BBs are non-toxic and environmentally friendly (tested according to US and EU standards) and allow you to shoot tight groups at long distances.

Shop now and never miss a target again with heightened accuracy and an elevated game experience!


You should choose a BB pellet weight depending on your needs. 0.25g BBs are better for accuracy over distance, while 0.20g BBs are lighter and used more often in CQB scenarios.

Our 0.25g airsoft BBs are compatible with all airsoft firearms, including rifles, pistols and sniper rifles.

Yes, our range of 0.25g airsoft BBs includes biodegradable options that are safe for the environment and don’t leave behind any residue. Shop here!

No, heavier BBs don’t fly faster than lighter ones. The general rule is that the heavier the pellet, the slower it will fly due to air resistance. Heavier pellets are better for accuracy over distance, due to their heavier weight which protects them from the wind’s influence.