0.25g Airsoft BBs

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0.25g Airsoft BBs are the choice for accuracy over distance. They work brilliantly in all airsoft rifles and pistols due to their heavier weight, they are less affected by wind meaning they shoot a lot straighter than standard 0.20g BBs.

Showing all 15 results

Higher Accuracy BBs

0.25g airsoft BBs give you much higher accuracy and consistency than a standard weight BB. They are best used in gas blowback pistols due to their short barrel as they are less affected by weather factors.

A lot of players use 0.25g BBs as standard in their airsoft AEGs due to the better consistency and accuracy, but whether you need a heavier or lighter BB depends on your current hop rubber and barrel configuration.

You’ll find all the leading brands, including Proball, ASG Blaster and Valken Infinity. We also stock biodegradable BBs that are good for the environment.

All of our BBs are environmentally friendly and allow you to shoot tight groups at long distances. They are non-toxic and safe for people and the environment tested according to EU and US regulations.

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