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Shop the Socom range of Action Army GBB (gas blowback) spare and replacement parts – both standard and upgraded – to keep your pistol working perfectly! Read More

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AAP-01 Parts & Accessories

The last thing you want is to be caught short in the middle of a game. Socom has everything you need to keep your airsoft pistol in shape and ready for your next match.

Our range of spare parts for the AAP-01 is extensive, from standard parts like slides and barrels to custom upgrades like sight rails and triggers. All our gun parts are properly tested and made to perfection in order to provide you with the best performance possible!

Not sure why your pistol isn’t performing at its best? Contact us for specialist help and support for all things airsoft!

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Explore our wide range of high-performance GBB pistols to enhance your kit.


Yes, airsoft pistol parts can be purchased in the UK from accredited vendors, such as Socom Tactical. We have a vast range of parts and accessories for all makes and models, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

The parts you need for an airsoft gun will depend on the make and model. Generally, all pistols have a magazine, barrel, hop-up unit, gas system, trigger assembly and stock. You may also need other parts, such as firing pins.

If you’re unsure which parts you need for your AAP-01 pistol, please contact our technical support team, who will gladly help. Alternatively, take a look at our range of parts and accessories for the AAP-01 pistol for an idea of what’s available.

Yes, providing you use quality parts and ensure regular maintenance for your pistol. Airsoft pistols are reliable and easy to maintain with the right parts! Socom Tactical only supplies high-quality components for durable and long-lasting performance. Browse our site today and hit add to basket!