Action Cameras and Accessories

Action Cameras and Accessories

Get those awesome shots of your hobby or your adventures with one of our action airsoft cameras! We have a truly super choice that even includes GoPros! Take a look at what we have on offer.

Best Cameras for Airsoft

At Socom Tactical, we have a good choice of action cameras for you to capture your shots with, whether that’s airsoft, paintball, skiing or even just biking – we have a camera for every sport.

We stock a range of products, including GoPros and other action cameras, so you can get the best quality airsoft footage to show off on your socials.

You can attach the cameras to your helmet or clothing to get incredible shots of your activity.

Airsoft Camera Accessories

We also have a nice range of accessories, including bundles of attachments, cases, batteries, chargers, lights, mounts and others.

Whether you’re mounting your camera to your airsoft gun, helmet, bicycle or anything else, we have the accessories you’ll need to keep your camera secure and safe.

Discover Socom’s range of airsoft and GoPro cameras today for top-notch video quality to showcase your amazing skill.


Can I Film My Airsoft Game?

You might have to double-check with the site you’re playing at, but usually, you can video your airsoft game with the right camera and the correct permissions.

Where Do I Attach Airsoft Cameras?

Depending on the camera you have, you can attach it to airsoft guns, helmets and clothing. Make sure you use the correct attachments so your camera is secure during gameplay and won’t be damaged.

Are GoPro Cameras Good for Airsoft?

Yes, GoPros are some of the best action cameras for a variety of sports, including airsoft. We stock a good range of GoPros and accessories for all your needs, so be sure to check out our selection!