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Shop our 6.02mm AEG barrels for your airsoft gun today! Whether you need to repair or upgrade your airsoft gun, our range of barrels is the perfect solution.

Showing 1–21 of 43 results

We have a great variety of airsoft AEG barrels for repairing and upgrading your existing ones to provide even more BB power and accuracy.

All of our barrels come in 6.02mm diameter for optimum performance and are available in numerous lengths, from 200mm to 715mm, allowing you to find the exact size that your airsoft gun needs.

The Importance of Inner Barrels

The inner barrel feeds BBs from the magazine using the hop-up mechanism and fires them towards your target, so making sure it’s in working order is paramount.

The barrel length affects the FPS of your airsoft gun, so it’s important to consider the size you need for the right balance between velocity and accuracy, as well as your playing style. Longer barrels typically produce higher velocity and better accuracy, while shorter barrels provide a lower FPS.

Quality Brands for Quality Performance

At Socom, we only stock high-quality barrels from trusted airsoft brands such as ZCI, PPS and Prometheus. 

These AEG barrels are carefully designed to match the highest standards of performance and durability, providing you with top-notch results every time. All barrels are made from stainless steel for a longer lifetime.

Shop Socom Tactical’s range of AEG barrels and get the power and accuracy you need for your airsoft gun.


The hop-up mechanism feeds the BB into the inner barrel from the magazine, and the bullet travels through the barrel and is fired towards the target.

The length of the inner barrel affects the FPS (feet per second) firing rate of the airsoft gun. Generally, longer barrels will increase velocity and create FPS rates.

Even though longer barrels provide higher FPS, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right fit for you or your gun. Some guns work better with shorter barrels, so consider the size and type of gun you have as well as your playing style.

Common reasons why an AEG barrel may stop working could be due to:

  • dirt or debris in the barrel
  • old parts and springs
  • a misaligned hop-up unit
  • damaged parts inside the barrel

First, clean the barrel to make sure there aren’t any jammed BBs or debris, then check the other components of your barrel and replace any worn parts. If your barrel is damaged, it will need replacing.