After Market Pistol Parts

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We have a great selection of spare pistol parts manufactured by trusted after-market brands and are compatible with most airsoft pistols. Whether you need to repair a defective part or want to upgrade your pistol performance, you’ll find the perfect pistol parts for the job right here!

Showing 1–21 of 145 results

After Market Pistol Parts

Cow Cow TM Hi-Capa RS1 Recoil Spring


After Market Pistol Parts

Cow Cow Hopup Bucking Combo


After Market Pistol Parts

Cow Cow TM Hi-Capa Custom Grip – Black


After Market Pistol Parts

Cow Cow 3L HopUp Chamber for TM HI-capa


After Market Pistol Parts

Cow Cow TM Hi-Capa Disconnector spring


After Market Pistol Parts

Cow Cow M&P9 Tactical Trigger – Black


At Socom, we have a huge choice of after-market airsoft pistol parts that can be used in just about any airsoft pistol you’ve got in your loadout.

Our range includes parts from top brands in the airsoft aftermarket, like Cow Cow and TTI, so you can trust that the parts you get are of the highest quality.

Repair Your Airsoft Pistol

All our spare parts are ideal for repairing defective pistols or broken parts to get you back in action in no time. You’ll find everything from fluorescent fibre optic rods for replacing iron sight inserts to recoil springs and hop-up chambers for more precise aiming and shooting.

Plus, if you need any advice on which airsoft gun spares you need to fix your gun’s problem, our expert team is on hand to help. We’ll suggest the right spare parts and provide helpful advice on how to fit them properly.

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Upgrade Your Airsoft Pistol Performance

For players who want to level up their game, we have airsoft gun spares that can be used to upgrade their pistols and give them an edge in the field.

We have enhanced trigger housings, loading nizzles, piston heads and a whole lot more that can be used to customise the performance of your airsoft gun.

Get all the after-market pistol parts you need to repair or upgrade your airsoft gun. Shop with us today at Socom Tactical!


After-market spare parts are manufactured by third-party companies and are designed to replace or upgrade existing parts in airsoft pistols. Most of these parts are compatible with nearly all airsoft pistols.

If you’re not sure why your gun is underperforming or completely non-functional, contact us and our expert team can help. Describe the problem you’re facing, and we’ll advise on what the issue might be and the parts you need to fix it.

Yes, and no. Many of the after market parts in our range are versatile and can be used in many airsoft pistols, but some parts may only be compatible with specific models. If any parts are specific to certain pistol models, the product name or description will state so.

Yes, of course! Customising your airsoft gun is a superb way to improve its performance, accuracy and aesthetic. You can upgrade almost every part that goes into making an airsoft weapon, including the hop-up chamber, trigger housing, loading nozzle and more. Check out our full range of replacement and tune-up parts to find what you need.